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In the United Kingdom, the term state-funded faith schools is applied to the schools that teaches the general courses but have some formal links with specific religious characters or organizations. There are currently different types of state-funded faith schools in the United…
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Faith School in UK
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Download file to see previous pages However,the religious organization associated with it contributes to the cost of building the school and influences the running of the school. Finally, a faith school is a state-funded school in the United Kingdom that has recognized links with a religious organization, and its teachings are those stipulated in the general curriculum.
A faith school usually contains a group of people who share the same religion and thoughts. There are many of these schools in the UK such as Muslim Faith School, Christian, Jewish and Hindu. Some people advocate the existence of faith schools in our society while others, who have a different point of view, claim that the government should not allow faith schools in the UK. Although state-funded faith schools are mostly run like the other state schools in the UK and are subjected to the same curriculum other than religious studies, they are free to teach their religion (Gibbons and Silva, 2006). Gibbons and Silva argue that the indoctrination of students in state-funded faith schools goes on without the state interfering. The students of such schools grow into the faith associated with the organization that sponsors the school.
Faith schools generally ‘give priority to the applicants who belong to the faith of the school and are allowed to do that by some of the specific exemptions found in the section 85 of the UK Equality Act 2010’ (Equality Act, 2010). However, the law requires state-funded faith schools to admit other applicants in line with the school admissions code whenever they are unable to fill all their places with the applicants who belong to the faith of the school. In the recent past, unfair discriminatory admissions and employment policy of most faith schools have returned considerable argument due to its potential negative impacts on the social cohesion and ethnic integration. This essay will discuss whether the government should allow ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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