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EDLE 639: Assignment 2 Model of Governance Examination - Essay Example

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EDLE 639: Assignment 2 Model of Governance Examination Model of Governance: purpose, issues and concerns St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School has a vision of spreading the Catholic education to the society with the strategies of partnership and faith. The foundation of faith, learning and transformation are the pillars for the spread of spread of education by the school…
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EDLE 639: Assignment 2 Model of Governance Examination
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Extract of sample "EDLE 639: Assignment 2 Model of Governance Examination"

Download file to see previous pages The governance is a new term in the field of catholic education over the last ten years. The word governance in general depicts authority or exercise of control over the over the operations of the school. However, governance in broader sense would mean management of the legal and moral responsibilities by the stewards of the school. The stewardship model of governance is being designed for the school, St. Mary’s Catholic Primary Education (Leavey, 2000). The management of the activities of the school are governed by the board members. The governing body identifies the critical issues related to the activities of the school and evaluates them to decide whether such activities are in line with the mission of the school in spreading education and learning. The Board controls the allocation of staffs, teachers and other resources to impart quality level of teaching to the students. The purpose of the model is to streamline the activities of teachers, staffs and the overall process in imparting education and learning, spreading the message of faith to the societies. The code of conduct of the teachers and students are evaluated as a part of this model. It is judged whether the teachers have deviated from their actionable. The disciplinary aspects and the alignment with the beliefs of the Catholic Church in spreading the message faith in the communities are also observed under this model of governance. The level of involvement with the communities by the school and the degree of association with the Church also falls under the areas of evaluation. The purpose of the stewardship model of governance is fulfilled when the feedback on the deviations observed in the activities of St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School are provided to the teachers and the involvement with the communities by working in association with the Church leads to the spread of learning and faith. The stewardship model of governance of the St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School operates under the federal state law and imparts the teachings of the church as integral part of its curriculum (Diocese of Wilcannia Forbes, 2010). The issues addressed by the model of governance centre around the beliefs of Christianity, the authority of the Church and its ideology and teachings. The issues of the Church law, the differences between the Church law and the Civil law, the importance of the Bishop and the religious order are critical issues considered by the stewardship model of governance. The concerns of the stewardship model of governance are to ensure that the governance follows good principles of governance model and also provides effective teachings of the Catholic Church as an integral part of educational quality imparted to the students. The areas of contradictions of the Church law to the civil law are areas of concern for the model of governance. The adherence to the policies of the Board is an essential criterion that should be implemented by the governance model of the school. It is the concern of the governing board to ensure that the activities for the spread of education by the school do not miss out the messages of the Catholic Church (Tuohy, 2004). The overall governance model has the final objective to ensure that the mission of the school and the church are fulfilled in the long run and that the school represents the mission of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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