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Practice Analysis with Whistlers Mother - Essay Example

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The woman is wearing a long dress in which shows that the painter did not want to expose the leg or to include the painting of the legs. The woman also is painted covering the head meaning the painter did not print the hair. The…
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Practice Analysis with Whistlers Mother
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Extract of sample "Practice Analysis with Whistlers Mother"

Practice Analysis with Whistlers Mother The painting is done of a comfortably sited woman. The woman is wearing a longdress in which shows that the painter did not want to expose the leg or to include the painting of the legs. The woman also is painted covering the head meaning the painter did not print the hair. The woman is painted with the hands put forward in order to show that she is relaxing (Margaret ‎and James 77).
From the painting the painter used many skills in order to come up with a high quality painting of a woman. First, the background and the image are designed in a way that they do not contradict. The painter used different colors in order to differentiate between the background and the image of a woman. The background also includes things which show the viewer that the woman was in the house like the curtain and a piece of picture at the wall. The painter has used good colors which can make and an individual to think that the painting is real. The color of the face is that of a white woman. He has used different colors in order to differentiate different parts of the body and cloths. For example, the head cover is white in color while the dress is black ((Margaret ‎and James 77).
The image is well designed and of high quality. The painter used color to make the image more attractive to the viewers. Black and white colors are hot and attract individuals from fare. The painter also painted the women sited in order to bring up the aspect of relaxing (Margaret ‎and James 3).
Work Cited
Margaret MacDonald F., ‎ and James McNeill W. Whistler’s Mother. Petaluma CA: Pomegranate, 2003. Print. Read More
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