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It gets rid of the nothingness in the story. The good lighting and cleanliness in the cafe deprives the materialization of confusion, darkness, and chaotic scenes. Based on the sentiments from…
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Significance of the Cafe in "A Clean Well-Lighted Place" The cafe in the story "A Clean Well-Lighted Place" signifies hope, clarity, and order. It gets rid of the nothingness in the story. The good lighting and cleanliness in the cafe deprives the materialization of confusion, darkness, and chaotic scenes. Based on the sentiments from the old waiter, it is a natural refuge for people suffering from the despair caused by nothingness and other limitations in life. The cleanliness in the café, as well as, lighting can control despair and make it evade from an individual’s mind though temporarily. Although man and life in totality are portrayed as nothing, order and cleanliness adds substance to them. The old man, for example, tried to hang himself when at home because of desperation. When at the café, the same old man drinks his brandy with calmness and dignity. Even when he is drunk, he cannot spill his drink. The cafe is indeed a temporary respite from all the chaos in the world (Hemingway, 372-75).
Significance of the Garden in "The Garden Party"
In the story, The Garden Party, the garden represents a place of endless pleasures. It is a place with a lot of promising energies where children and young adult look forward to a great future. The children resemble the arum lilies and brilliant butterflies that grow with an alarming vigor. The garden signifies a kind of Eden land where parents confine their children. The author conveys the land as one with a pleasant and warm feeling similar to the non-existent marvelous fairylands. The garden is covered with exotic flowers, green lawns, and various species of trees. There is a villa at the center of the garden, a tennis court and lake with the Sheridan’s garden. All these features make the garden symbolize a unique place full of potential for growth of its inhabitants. It is a place where all people long, hope or would wish to live (Mansfield 565-75).
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