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On the surface, the novel Wuthering Heights is a love story. Digging deeper, readers find both psychological and symbolic novel. The isolated setting in the…
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Download file to see previous pages Brontë uses these characters in the novel to explore themes of evil versus good, rationality versus passion, punishment and crime, selfishness, culture and nature, revenge, sickness and health, the nature of love, and chaos and order. Brontë exemplifies how class mobility is not always moving in the same direction. For instance, for Catherine, representing a lower class, social class plays a vital role when settling when to get married. This is the reason she cannot marry Heathcliff rather she agrees to marry Edgar. Brontë’s accurate and honest representation of life during an early era provides a hint of history. Brontë reveals that even if the society of today is different from that of two centuries ago, individuals remain the same. Therefore, readers can still relate to the emotions and feelings of the main characters such as Catherine and Heathcliff and those of the supporting characters (Bronte, 2009). Since the novel’s characters are real, they are human subjects with human emotions. Thus, the novel is not just an affectionate romance novel but a presentation of life, a hint at relationships, and an essay on love. However, the vigorous antithesis or antagonism Brontë presents in the novel tend to subvert. The novel’s realism in presenting life and Yorkshire landscape and the historical precision of hours, season, and dates co-exist with the dreamlike. Lastly, even towards the end of the novel, a crossover between romanticism and realism is evident. In many novels, endings are unsatisfactory and disturbing because most writers resist a definitive conclusion one which explains away any doubts and accounts for all loose ends (Watson, Towheed, & Open University, 2012). The fondness for open-endedness is an effort to resist place and time limit. Brontë uses the effort to explain the importance of memories and dreams of other location and time, like Catherine’s memories of walks on the moors and childhood at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A230B Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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