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The paper "Arabs And Westerners Attitude To Perfumes Industry" compares different approaches of Arabs and Westerners to perfumes. It also discusses the money as one factor causing this difference since Arabs generally have more disposable money to spend on perfumes than an average Westerner…
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Arabs And Westerners Attitude To Perfumes Industry
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Arabs And Westerners Attitude To Perfumes Industry
People in the Gulf in general and primarily Arabs approach perfumes and fragrances differently compared to the Westerners; the former are much more driven towards them than the latter. Money is one factor causing this difference since Arabs generally have more disposable money to spend on perfumes than an average Westerner. Good and branded perfumes are quite expensive and wearing them is part of the trademark luxurious style of the Arab elite. Another reason behind this difference might be the fact that Arabs generally have less variety in outfits. Talking about men, most Arab men wear the same long white cloak that hangs from their shoulders till their toes and cover their heads with the red checkered handkerchief-like fabric. While outwardly there is not much variety, they tend to distinguish themselves from others by wearing a unique brand of perfume of their own choice. The perfume becomes an essential part of their identity, so they feel driven toward purchasing a new bottle as soon as the previous one finishes. On the other hand, Western men have so much variety of clothes to wear ranging from pants to jeans, and nickers to pajamas. Likewise, there is a lot of variety in shirts, jerseys, T-shirts, and jackets. Wearing a perfume becomes a secondary thing since it is not outwardly noticeable unless the smeller is within the range of the wafting fragrance. Even if someone wears the perfume, there is so much more to concentrate upon in the clothes that perfume is not the highlight unlike in the case of an Arabian getup.
Another cause of increased liking for perfumes among Arabs compared to the Westerners is the fact that Arabs, being rich and opulent, have more time to spend with family members and friends than the Westerners, many of whom do more than one job to be able to afford the high standard of living. While an average Westerner is busy working in the office, taking care of the children, helping them with the studies, and doing other domestic works, many Arabs spend their time in camel-racing and partying. Indigenous inhabitants of the oil-rich countries have money pouring in from all sources and they have the time and affordability to care about perfumes more than an average Westerner. While for an Arab, wearing an expensive perfume is an essential element of the high standard of living, perfume for an average Westerner is something to be worn on special occasions. Even the burqa-clad Arab women, who cover themselves from head to toe in public places, decorate and beautify themselves in the most sophisticated and expensive ways when they are in their homes. This may be attributed to the fact that an overwhelming majority of Arab women are Muslims and Islam teaches them to beautify themselves for their husbands. It is one of the strategies and principles preached by Islam so that a husband and a wife remain eternally in love with and interested in each other. Therefore, Arab women are not less fond of perfumes than Arab men. Read More
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