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Most Popular Alcohol Brands - Assignment Example

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The researcher develops the following research questions that need to be answered to affirm the findings: Which are the most popular alcohol brands? Which are the most expensive alcohol brands? Which products are hot brands or new arrivals?…
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Extract of sample "Most Popular Alcohol Brands"

Alcohol Product
This is a short interview conducted at X ltd Liquor Store, and the interviewee was Mr. Montgomery, a salesperson and cashier.
Q: Which are the most popular alcohol brands? Please name about three of them.
A: Smirnoff Vodka, Bacardi and Jack Daniel’s, respectively.
Q: Which are the most expensive alcohol brands?
A: A bottle of Tequila is the most expensive, followed by Diva Vodka and lastly, the Maccalan.
Q: Which products are hot brands or new arrivals?
A: Smirnoff, Bacardi and Jack Daniel’s are still the hottest brands in the market.
A Simple Action Plan
X Ltd Liquor Store, in accordance with its mission, will design, put into practice, and evaluate methods and provide information and resources to enhance the sales of the unpopular alcohol brands. Some of the responsibilities for the Liquor store is to ensure that all Liquor store attendants obtain and give customers accurate and suitable information about all the alcohol brands, especially the unpopular brands. Contents in action plans vary according to the setting, (Felice and Graf). Although constructing an action plan with a large population is much feasible (Bernhardt 118).
Priority 1: Ensuring that the consumers have full access to the information about the brands, both new and existing ones.
Action Step: Hanging advertisement posters, displays and any other relevant information about the quality of the unpopular brands.
Objective: To persuade as many customers as possible to taste and continue buying the unpopular alcohol brands.
Priority 2: Ensuring full participation of staff and senior management in enhancing sales of the unpopular brand.
Action step: Educating the entire staff about marketing and promotional activities.
Objective: To create a competent team that will promote high sales from inside the store to the alcohol market.
Priority 3: Pricing, marketing strategies, and time of this operation
Action step: Conduct market research about the prevailing alcohol prices and set a cheaper price for the product. Develop the marketing strategies and determining the period that the whole exercise will take.
Work Cited
Felice, D., and A. Graf. 'The Potential Of National Action Plans To Implement Human Rights Norms: An Early Assessment With Respect To The UN Guiding Principles On Business And Human Rights'. Journal of Human Rights Practice 7.1 (2015): 40-71. Web. 12 Apr. 2015.
Bernhardt, Victoria L. The School Portfolio Toolkit. Larchmont, NY: Eye On Education, 2013. Print. Read More
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