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All the Light we cannot see - Research Paper Example

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Whereas a substantial percentage of scholars often study various collected works for fun, literature has overtime been designated as the ideal tool to use while conveying messages to specific groups of individuals. This denotes therefore that in as much as certain authors find…
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Extract of sample "All the Light we cannot see"

Download file to see previous pages As a matter of fact, that as the essential reason why the then global leaders saw it suitable to establish the League of Nations, which has developed into the United Nations Organization. In his novel titled All the Light We Cannot See, distinguished American author and literature fanatic Anthony Doerr uses the book’s setting to open the eyes of the World to some of the unfortunate events that took place during the World War. Doerr employs various literary charms such as characterization and tone, to demonstrate the devastating consequences of war and the approaches an individual can employ to bring the best out of the situation amidst the myriad of challenges (Anthony Doerr Book Website). This research paper therefore aims to provide further insight on how Anthony Doerr has employed setting, plot and tone to take us through one of the darkest periods in World history; World War Two.
Literary scholars have overtime reaffirmed the fact that the setting of any work of art is important, particularly because it plays a significant role in determining whether the author is successful in driving his or her message home. All the light we cannot see is set in both France and Germany with several events taking place between 1930s and 1940s. Whereas the events in Germany revolve around the life of Warner Pfenning and his sister Jutta who are both orphaned, it is imperative to note that the Doerr is in essence trying to shed more light on the Nazi culture, and some of the principles they cohere to so profoundly. At the same time, the decision of the author to focus Marie-Laure’s undertakings in the city of Paris is essentially aimed at helping the vast audience make sense of the cultures and beliefs of the French in the period leading to and after World War Two.
Going through the text, it is apparent that the setting within which all the lights we cannot see is documented is in line with the historical events of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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