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The ‘2020 Vision: Imagining the future of e-commerce in the Arabian Gulf’ conference will host industry leaders from all continents with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg delivering a keynote address. The conference will include a discussion about industry-related issues and…
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A short Proposal document
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A Short Proposal Document KWC-Connect, P.O. Box 220, Dasman, Kuwait For the attention of: The CEO KWC-Connect, Abdulrahman Al-Kanderi
Date: April 11, 2015.
Approval request for 2020 Vision: Imagining the future of e-commerce in the Arabian Gulf
I am writing to request your approval to attend with two collogues the aforementioned conference, taking place in Muscat from 23rd -26th November 2015.
The ‘2020 Vision: Imagining the future of e-commerce in the Arabian Gulf’ conference will host industry leaders from all continents with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg delivering a keynote address. The conference will include a discussion about industry-related issues and will also offer an opportunity for business leaders to intermingle and socialize. Moreover, there will be a hall full of display stands depicting regional and global sector leaders.
The conference will enable me and my colleagues to establish business network with various business leaders in the sector across the world. By attending the conference, my colleagues and I will have ample time to interact with business leaders from all over the world and create a platform through which our company can increase its customer base through these links. We will use socialization aspect of the conference to sell our company to the present global business leaders. Also, the conference will focus on discussing issues that are pertinent to the industry, which I believe will be beneficial to everyday operation of KW-Connect. The presentations will offer me a chance to know industry-related issues and how to tackle emerging challenges. This would help me and my colleagues drive our company to the top of the market. Most importantly, the conference will have a hall filled up with stands for regional and global business leaders and it would be very crucial for KW-Connect to also have a company stand at the conference. By having a stand at a conference that host global business leaders, the image of KW-Connect will be sold not only to the regional market, but also the global market. Having a company stand will also give us the opportunity to sell to the audience the services that we offer to our customers.
The required registration charge for attending the conference is $700 per person, which comes to $2,100 for the three of us. However, registering before September will reduce registration cost by $ 100 per person, which means we will pay $ 1,800. In addition, our flight will cost $440 per person to and fro, while accommodation and meals will cost $ 1,000 per person for the two days. We will also need $3,000 for miscellaneous expenses, including travel cost from the airport to the conference venue. The total cost of attendance for the three of us will be $9,420.
This conference offers the best opportunity for me and my colleagues to establish better contacts with industry business leaders and gain critical knowledge in product development. Therefore, my attendance with two colleagues is a good investment to the company. I will prepare a report and submit it in one week after returning from the conference. Also, upon our return from the conference, I will deliver a presentation about the events and important issues discussed at the conference to the rest of the KW-Connect staff. I will need four days to prepare for my presentation, which I believe will be useful to both the staff and the company. I will also circulate the conference report to the rest of the staff to help them have a clear view of the pertinent issues discussed at the conference. I look forward to getting positive feedback from your. Thank you for your support.
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A Short Proposal Document Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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