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Long-term exposure to fine particulate and health - Research Proposal Example

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Long-Term Exposure to Fine Particulate and Health Table of Contents 1.Statement of the Research Problem 3 2.Literature Review 5 3.Nature and Design of the Project 7 4.Methodology 8 5.Required Resources and Clearances 9 6.Time Table 9 7.Works Cited 11 1. Statement of the Research Problem Dust storms are considered to be the most detrimental environmental related problems in certain parts of the world…
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Long-term exposure to fine particulate and health
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Download file to see previous pages There are various crucial problems that might arise due to the occurrence of dust storms. One of the imperative problems related with the occurrence of dust storms is the increased level of traffic accidents (Akbari, “Dust storms, Sources in the Middle East and Economic Model for Survey It s Impacts”). Furthermore, the other problems include diminished soil fertility, damage to crops as well as telecommunication systems, lessening of solar radiation, increased air pollution and most significantly augmented respiratory or cardiovascular diseases (Kutiel and Furman, “Dust Storms in the Middle East: Sources of Origin and their Temporal Characteristics”). In relation to the incident of dust storms, it has been viewed that dust storms are regarded to be one of the major kinds of tropospheric aerosol which significantly affects both terrestrial as well as solar radiation (Washington, Todd, Middleton and Goudie, “Dust-Storm Source Areas Determined by the Total Ozone Monitoring Spectrometer and Surface Observations”). Moreover, dust storms are also considered to be a natural risk that can broadly affect the daily life of an individual by a considerable level. With regard to the short-term impact of the dust storms, in recent times a large proportion of respiratory problems and asthmatics have been observed in certain parts of Saudi Arabia. The region experienced the occurrence of a strong dust storm in the year 2009 that severely affected the air quality as well as visibility and caused significant damages to several buildings and power poles (Maghrabi, Alharbi and Tapper, “Impact Of the March 2009 dust event in Saudi Arabia on aerosol optical Properties, Meteorological Parameters, Sky temperature and emissivity”). This particular proposed research focuses upon the interrelation between long-term exposure to fine particulate from dust storms and the incidence of cardiovascular diseases. In relation to the problem statement, it can be affirmed that the fine particulate emerging from the incidence of dust storms ultimately gives rise to increased level of air pollution which in turn results in cardiovascular diseases in Saudi Arabia. The chief reasons for occurrence of dust storms and augmented level of cardiovascular diseases especially in the region of Saudi Arabia include lack of suitable plant coverage, reduction in air humidity as well as precipitation, destruction of the forest areas and varying air pressure. Moreover, the other important reasons comprise incessant climate change, existence of large number of deserts and differences in the levels of rainfall. These major reasons ultimately create dust storms which in turn results in occurrence of traffic accidents and environmental problems in Saudi Arabia (Maghrabi, Alharbi and Tapper, “Impact Of the March 2009 dust event in Saudi Arabia on aerosol optical Properties, Meteorological Parameters, Sky temperature and emissivity”). 2. Literature Review According to Al-Dabbas, Abbas and Al-Khafaji, dust storms are persistent problems in Saudi Arabia. These dust storms impose adverse effect upon the heath of human life that can cause various severe diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and lung as well as cardiovascular diseases by a significant level due to its carrying of fine sharp edged particles and micro-organisms. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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