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Global warming and automobile industry - Term Paper Example

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In addition, the research was to show that this conception was a ploy by the government so that it can be able to regulate the automotive industry. Automotive…
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Global warming and automobile industry
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Extract of sample "Global warming and automobile industry"

Download file to see previous pages It was determined that motor vehicles contributed a very small amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. Hence it was correct to conclude that global warming caused by motor vehicles is a myth.
In recent times and modern day world, there has been a lot of concerns on the environment. It is true that the environment is critical for mankind to survive because environment provides most of the resources needed for daily activities. A region’s environment is, to a large extent, determined by the climatic conditions. Climatic conditions are purely determined by nature. There has been claims that mankind is contributing to changes in climatic conditions. Human activities are said to upset nature’s critical balance as far as carbon dioxide emissions are concerned. A lot of blame for global warming has been directed on the transportation sector of the economy. Is it really true that global warming exists because of motor vehicle emissions?
The reason for this research is the belief that the automobile industry is the global suspect for global warming. According to Automotive News, this is not true. Research done by climate scientists indicates that global warming was even experienced centuries ago (Brown, 2007) . Evidence has been produced to show that the global temperatures were increasing even before the era of motor vehicle travel. This allegation has created discomfort among players in the automobile industry with some viewing it as a way to control the motor vehicle industry. In an interview with Automotive News, Bob Lutz, the vice chairman of General Motors argues that motor vehicle emissions account for a very tiny percentage of the total green-house gases emissions (Brown, 2007). According to the article automobile manufacturers read a sinister motive from the government. The manufacturers feel that the government wants to blame their industry for global warming so that they can introduce regulations on the same and in effect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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