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Creative & Critical - Assignment Example

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Authors adopt a superior position in the society as they use their gift to create masterpieces that criticize specific social, cultural, economic and…
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Creative & Critical Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages plies that literature is significant features in the society with the experiences of the characters in such stories representing the developments in the contemporary society as viewed by the author. The discussion below shows the nature of this relationship by investigating issues of gender, femininity, masculinity and prescribed roles as portrayed in Tickets, please a short story by D. H Lawrence.
Set at a time of war, the short story shows different times of wars in a number of contexts. With most of the young and energetic men, fighting in the World War 1 in France a other countries across the world, thus making the society vulnerable and women must take up some of the jobs previously done by men. The key thematic issues in the short story are vengeance, love and sexual war among many others. Gender roles, masculinity, prescribed roles and femininity also come out naturally given the thematic issues the short story analyses. The wartime setting in the short story is effective in showing the struggle that exists between the two sexes in the society. The various thematic issues in the short story are fundamental features that exist in the contemporary society.
The development of democracies has enhanced the activities of proponents of gender equality and feminists. The society is currently liberal with women enjoying the same political, social and economic space. As such, gender roles have changed with women taking part in activities considered masculine. This implies that issues of femininity, prescribed roles and masculinity have changed. D. H. Lawrence captures the issues systematically in his novel a feature that makes it easy to compare his thematic issues to the developments in the contemporary society. Annie Stone and a group of numerous other girls are working as conductors in trains, which then became only and reliable mode of transport in the country. Their job is crucial since they keep the country moving.
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Creative & Critical Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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