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Even though China and USA are two of the greatest superpowers in the world, still these countries have a lot of core differences in multiple aspects of their functioning. However, one of the most significant differences concerns the cultures of these two nations that almost…
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Chinese and USA Cultures Even though China and USA are two of the greatest superpowers in the world, still these countries have a lot of core differences in multiple aspects of their functioning. However, one of the most significant differences concerns the cultures of these two nations that almost don’t have anything in common.
First of all, the two nations have totally different cultural and historical backgrounds. The United States is rather young country and its history doesn’t contain even a thousand years. Thus American nation was built on the principles of racial, national, and cultural variety, because the entire country consists of representatives of almost all cultures and ethnicities of the world. That’s why it is possible to say that what people are used to considering as American culture in fact is a combination and compilation of bunches of different cultures with their own authentic features like mentality, traditions, customs, and even physical appearances. Chinese culture is one of the most ancient and stable cultures in the world. The traditions that Chinese people have and their customs haven’t been changed for almost five thousand years and they form the entire Chinese nation and the culture.
The very first crucial thing that makes these two cultures different is their core religions, which are totally opposite. Even though the United States citizens have freedom to confess any religions they want, still the most popular religions of American culture are Protestantism and Catholicism. These two religions have Christian roots, so the people who confess these religions have deep faith in the only one God, as the religions are monotheistic. Chinese most widespread religions are Daoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. These three religions are not based on faith in the only God. The religions are combinations of ethical doctrines which proclaim respect for ancestors (Confucianism), as well as some meditative techniques and faith in the greatest prophet Buddha. When American religions more look like religions with all their attributes, Chinese religions are more like philosophies that direct people’s lives.
Also, Chinese and American cultures are based on totally different languages, which in fact are two different systems of describing signs. English language which, is being used in the USA, is based on letters and their combinations which form certain words and have etymological meaning. Chinese hieroglyphs are combinations of signs themselves. Each of the signs has its own meaning and forms broaden language constructions, like words and sentences, in combination with other signs and the right pronunciation of the intonation of the whole hieroglyph.
Moreover, the customs of these two cultures are also different. For instance, American and Chinese cuisines, their cooking styles and the way that Americans and Chinese consume food are different because of their historical backgrounds. Thus American cuisine is a combination of various immigrants’ cuisines from all the cultures of the world. Chinese cuisine is more ancient and traditional; it includes dishes from different regions of China, which are made of the products that are significant for a specific region (Polland n.pag.).
Hence, American and Chinese cultures have a lot of core differences, including different historical backgrounds, religions, cultural variety, and even different cuisines.
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