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The author of the paper touches upon the influence of American culture on Chinese one. Admittedly, considering the greatness of America and the potential realized in China, it is indeed important to expect some form of cultural infiltration between these countries. …
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American culture has infiltrated and marred China culture
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Letter to the Editor In a way, the of cultural infiltration has become a matter of concern across the world. It must be stated from the outset that the world is actually inundated with thousands of different forms of culture arising from the diversity realized across the board. However, courtesy of the agents of globalization, technology and other forms of interaction, some of these cultures are becoming eroded while others have completely been swallowed up under the wave of new cultural infiltrations. In this regard, American culture and Chinese cultures are some of the most dominant cultural orientations across the world. Considering the greatness of America and the potential realized in China, it is indeed important to expect some form of cultural infiltration between these countries.
On the arguments as to whether American culture has infiltrated Chinese culture, it is actually important to note that the United States has been a major player in global affairs for a long time and the American cultural orientation has been widely adopted in different regions. China has a very rich and elaborate culture which is still confined in the great country. Much of China’s culture has not actually spread across the world. While this culture has infiltrated some parts of the East, its presence is still minimal to make any considerable impact. In this case, it is not really true that Chinese culture has infiltrated American culture. Perhaps the worry arises out of the rampant growth realized in China’s economic and political dominance across the world. China is making a strong entry into certain regions like Africa and this raises the major concern regarding the spread of Chinese culture in such regions.
It is much easier for American culture to infiltrate as compared to Chinese culture. Considering that English is the language of communication in America and many other countries across the world, the American culture has a much greater possibility of infiltrating Chinese culture than the vice versa. One impediment to the infiltration of Chinese culture across the word is the language. Chinese language still has a very small presence across the world and this therefore limits the spread of the culture. Similarly, many people are still much reluctant to appreciate and fully accept Chinese culture as part and parcel of their daily operations (Sanvictores, 96).
It is indeed true that American culture has infiltrated and marred Chines culture in many parts of the world. As China seeks to create a strong presence especially in the developing world, it encounters a series of challenges in relation to American culture. Part of this cultural hindrance arises out of the common assumption that American culture is superior to most of the other cultures. In this case, people might always want to be associated with this form of culture and not really the Chinese culture (Sanvictores, 56).
In addition, America has greatly mastered the art of cleverly spreading its culture and making many people to adopt some of the things it deems proper. In China today, many people are greatly trying to adopt the western way of life by learning English and practicing some of the cultural practices realized in America. This is because some of these practices are considered universal. On the contrary, not many Americans are keen or focused on learning Chinese or adopting living by the Chinese cultural orientation.
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