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The impetus to have alternate correction programs has been due to the increasing number of inmates in prisons. Through the corrections programs,…
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Download file to see previous pages Community corrections have their pedigrees in community-based programming adopted by non-governmental organizations. Notably, community corrections are an assortment of numerous reprimands for nonaggressive wrongdoers. Community corrections were adopted three decades ago and have offered residential services in halfway accommodation. Community corrections were introduced for a number of aims, the key one being to instill discipline and hold the offender accountable for their felonious deeds. The other purposes of these corrections comprise protecting public safety and provision of restitution to communities by the felons through restitution programs. Nonetheless, the proportion of wrongdoers has augmented and there have been little changes in strategy on handling the offenders, since all the offenders come from different backgrounds and have different desires. The the system has unceasingly adopted the “one size fits all” tactic without considering their different circumstances. As a result, the community corrections system grapples to offer useful interventions for the huge number of people who pass through the system annually. It is because of this lack of follow up that the offenders find themselves repeating crimes and ending up in the community corrections again.
Recidivism refers to an individual’s reversion into an unlawful deed after an intermediation or sanction for a previous offense. Recidivism is a critical concept in criminal justice that is assessed through criminal acts that lead to re-incarceration and return to prison or correction center for the first three years after discharge. For the past years, the proportion of repeat offenders into correction centers has shot up. The National Institute of Justice (2014) acknowledges that two thirds of the released prisoners indulge in crime activities that get them back to prison or other correction facilities after 3 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Community corrections their midst, especially if some of them were convicted for having committed certain crimes. In a bid to assist members of society reduce such risks; it is crucial for them to handle the criminals with care (Latessa & Smith, 2011). This can be done through the provision of a strict schedule for offenders. Offenders released on community corrections programs must adhere to a strict routine where they must report to the groups involved regularly. In doing so, they can be seen as trying to adhere to the laws and rules laid out before them for the sake of every group involved. Moreover, the programs that most offenders are given may give them the...
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