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My main goal is to request you to support Relief of J.D.S. by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities Bill Number SB 24. As we all know, this bill is a bout the relief of J.D.S., a disabled helpless lady who…
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Class Stratification and Work
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Advocacy Letter Advocacy Letter Mary Etienne, 2897-35 Tallahassee, Florida 259765. March 3, The Honorable Chris Herter, 43897-42
Tallahassee, Florida
Dear Hon. Chris,
I am writing to you this letter as a constituent of Tallahassee. My main goal is to request you to support Relief of J.D.S. by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities Bill Number SB 24. As we all know, this bill is a bout the relief of J.D.S., a disabled helpless lady who suffered a lot of agonies after being raped and impregnated by Philip Strong during a time when she was living at the Strong Group Home. I would like to humbly request you to support this bill because it is a good one. The compensation of J.D.S. will be revolutionary because it will help in respecting and defending the fundamental rights of the disabled in the larger Florida. The agonies of J.D.S. were caused by the negligence of the Department of Children and Family Affairs. So, as its successor, the Agency for Person’s with Disabilities should be held responsible for the negligence.
As a concerned citizen, I am committed to the protection of the rights of the disabled in the society. Therefore, I support this bill because it will make a big contribution towards the protection of the rights of the disabled who have not been treated with the dignity they deserve. Meaning, it will be useful in enforcing clause 393.13 of the Florida Statute and the Bill of Rights of Persons with Developmental Disability. These will help in preventing the disabled from being denied right to privacy, dignity. It will also grant them freedom from neglect, sexual abuse and exploitation. At the same time, it will put Agency for Person’s with Disabilities to be responsible and actively involved in monitoring the activities of home cares.
Those who oppose this bill argue that it is not a good one at this point of time. They argue that it is illogical to blame Agency for Person’s with Disabilities f the actions of Philip Strong. They are convinced that J.D.S’s case should not be special because it is just like any other rape. Therefore, no such attention should be given to it. However, I disagree with them because I feel that the disabled need protection1. This is supported by Reed who, in ‘The Rome I Regulation and Reapprochement of Anglo-American Choice of Law in Contract: A Heralded Triumph of Pragmatism over Theory,’ argues that indeed, the disabled are much vulnerable individuals who need special attention2. Similar sentiments are echoed by Mirrow who, in the article ‘The Social-Obligation Norm of Property: Duguit, Hayem, and Others,’ holds the view that clause 393.13 of the Florida Statute is under threat and needs to be salvaged through stringent legislations3.
It is my pleasure that you will consider my opinion and join the proponents of this bill in lobbying for it. Its enforcement will set a good precedence to the rest of the society to protect the rights of the disabled. Otherwise, thank you very much for taking your precious time to read this letter. God bless you.
Yours Sincerely,
Mary Etienne.

Chamallas, M. (2007) "Feminist Constructions of Objectivity: Multiple Perspectives in Sexual and Racial Harassment Litigation," Texas Journal of Women and the Law 1: 95, 131, 125.
Mirow, C. (2010) ‘The Social-Obligation Norm of Property: Duguit, Hayem, and Others.’ Florida Journal of International Law. Vol. 22.2.
Reed, A. (2011) ‘The Rome I Regulation and Reapprochement of Anglo-American Choice of Law in Contract: A Heralded Triumph of Pragmatism over Theory.’ Florida Journal of International Law. Vol. 23.3. Read More
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