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The summary paper - Assignment Example

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An article by Rick Rojas published on March 31, 2015 in The New York Times titled “Arizona orders doctors to say abortions with drugs may be reversible” is mainly concerned about highlighting the different perceptions mainly held by the people who are against the practice…
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The summary paper
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An article by Rick Rojas published on March 31, in The New York Times d “Arizona orders doctors to say abortions with drugs may be reversible” is mainly concerned about highlighting the different perceptions mainly held by the people who are against the practice. Abortion which refers to termination of pregnancy is a controversial subject in that some people view it a bad practice while others do not see anything wrong with it. As such, the paper discusses the views held by the author towards this issue.
Rojas states that the provision of the law is part of a broader initiative to campaign against the plans offered in Arizona through the federal healthcare exchange to provide coverage for abortions. The provision is meant to prevent plans offered in Arizona through the federal health care exchange from providing coverage for most abortions. Some opponents of anti abortion view this as an opportunity to campaign for anti legislation against the practice across the whole nation. However, the doctors say that the science behind the proposed legislation has not been proved yet implying that there is no reason for panicking and campaigning against abortion.
According to Rojas, those who are against abortion argue that women should have full knowledge before abortion is induced. They argue that this abortion induced strategy can be reversed and this can lead to the birth of the baby. However, there would be likely chances that the baby is born with defects. Those who are anti abortion argue that women can still be pregnant after being given the progesterone. Therefore, they argue that the method used for abortion has negative implications on the women. It is their right to know the consequences of this type of abortion. Some argue that the fetus is likely to suffer pain when the abortion is perfumed after 20 weeks.
To counter the allegations made by the people against abortion, those who support it state that the abortion laws in Arizona have been designed to suppress the practice. For instance, women were allowed to see the doctor 24 hours before the abortion was performed and it was also stated that no abortion could be performed after the pregnancy is 20 weeks. However, the members who support abortion have stated that people in Arizona are rational individuals and they know what they want. It is their right to have an abortion using their preferred method rather than being dictated by other people.
Overall, the article by Rojas raises critical issues related to the aspect of abortion that is often viewed with mixed feelings by different people. Some individuals support it while others criticise it as bad practice. A critical reading of the article shows that abortion should be legalized but the women should also have the right to obtain full information especially about abortion using drugs. It is argued that the practice is dangerous while others believe that it is not that bad as portrayed by the individuals who are against abortion.
Rick Rojas “Arizona Orders Doctors to Say Abortions With Drugs May Be Reversible.” The
New York Times . March 31, 2015. Web. April 8, 2015. Read More
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The Summary Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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