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Comparing difference - Essay Example

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The most well known of whom is Edgar Allan Poe, author of “The Black Cat”. Surprisingly, another well read thriller based upon mental illness is based upon the work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman…
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Comparing difference essay
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Download file to see previous pages While Ms. Gilman portrayed the development of postpartum depression and its aftermath in her main character Jane, who is also the narrator of the story, during an era when men ruled the world and women were expected to merely bear children and ensure that their husband was a success in life. It is because of this difference in the way that the topic of developing madness was dealt with and the complex issues surrounding it that made “The Yellow Wallpaper” the more prominent fictional study of the development of madness. " The Black Cat," and "The Yellow Wall Paper," display aspects of psychological issues; however, the complexity of these issues are more prominent in " The Yellow Wall Paper."
In “The Black Cat”, Poe continues his tradition of recalling the spiral into madness of his lead characters through flashbacks detailing the events that led to the protagonists descent into madness. This is a trend that we can clearly see in his previous works such as “The Cask of Amontillado” and “The Tell-Tale Heart”. In “The Black Cat”, the only driving factor for the madness of the unnamed narrator seems to be
the fact that he is alcoholic and as such, has delusions and suspicions about anything and everyone around him. Including, the black cat that was their family pet. As we can see in the following passage, the madness of the narrator was not brought about by any traumatic experience or frustration in life, but rather, because of his love of alcohol. He narrates: disease grew upon me--for what disease is like Alcohol!--and at length even Pluto, who was now becoming old, and consequently somewhat peevish--even Pluto began to experience the effects of my ill temper. (Poe 2)
This where the weakness of the development of the mental illness lies in Poes story. For just like in all his previous works, the reason for the onset of madness stems from the love of drink and th ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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