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Poem Explication - Essay Example

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The poem by David Berman “The Charm of 5:30” is the kind of a poem that despite its seeming simplicity and, I would even say naïveté, instantly provokes emotional response in readers and had an impact on me as well. When I finished reading it I felt this mild and elusive…
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Poem Explication
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Download file to see previous pages Simple as it sounds, not all the people develop this childish perception of the world, saturated and magical. But Berman with his accurate ad elaborated poetic vision is one of those poets who can describe something that can hardly be explained by words. In his “The Charm of 5:30” the author manages to show how his own perception of the reality allows him to make simple moments and sensations of life charming. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, and when reading Berman`s poem I have understood that all these mild pleasures of life are free and accessible yet one needs to try to experience them to the full extent.
It is a white verse, the author did not want to stick to some rhythm or rhyme, and it looks like the words that create images are pouring out of his mind like water. It is clear that Berman wants to describe those moments which he appreciates in life, those fragile and light sensations that literally make this life worth living (like discovering red tints in cola or meeting a friend or even thinking about the lives of great people) and which are often left unnoticed by people who forget they are not dead yet. So I would suggest that the meaning of the poem was to depict valuable and charming manifestations of life in all their beauty. Berman chooses the central role in this verse, he is the observer and he is the speaker, and this adds to the credibility and sincerity of “The Charm of 5:30”.
In most cases in order to write something or at least to try to write something people need the occasion. David Berman does the opposite- he does not look for occasion- he creates the occasion or uses the very process of living as the occasion in other words. For him his inner world and the environment are equally charming. His thoughts, memories as well as the slightest movements in the outer world are worth of speaking about them:
What is noticeable is that Berman neglects all the sound devices using ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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