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As a professional, he ought to disclose the information in question. This is because he is aware of the ultimate damage that the drug would cause. The worst occurrence that could possible come up would be the death of a…
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Ethics Ed Flourens’s situation tests his ethical upholding. As a professional, he ought to disclose the information in question. This is because he is aware of the ultimate damage that the drug would cause. The worst occurrence that could possible come up would be the death of a patient (Burnor ,18). He ought to inform the client of the possible occurrence of this so that they make the decision themselves. If they still wish to continue using the drug, then they would be free to do so of their own free will and with adequate information. If they wish to seek alternative medication, at least he would have been transparent with them. On a professional platform, not disclosing the information leaves him open to a lawsuit. Should anything happen to any of the patients and it was discovered that he had an oversight or covered up an oversight, he is liable for legal pursuit. In that case, whatever progress he may have made in his company would amount to nothing.
Flourens also ought to analyze the issue from a human logic. Supposing he weren’t the owner of the company and he or his loved one were on the medication, he would’ve wished to have that information relayed to him. In this case, the concept of social imagination ought to be taken up. Rather than think only about himself, he ought to think from his patient’s perspective. In this way, he would understand that the pain that the loss that would come to them in that something happened would be greater than his gain. In summation, it would be pointless for him to accrue success at the expense f his patient’s wellbeing – this goes against the very focal point of his profession, which is to sustain life.
Works Cited
Burnor, R.,Raley,Y. Ethical choices: an introduction to moral philosophy with cases. New York:
Ozford University Press, 2011. Read More
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Read and Answer: Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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