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The play being set in 1936 when U.S.A was struggling through the great depression and migration of black Americans to the north with dreams of liberation of subservience yoke suggest variant ways of using history. Leaving a mark is one great way greatly focused in the book on…
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The piano lesson What are the issues that Wilson suggests in this play about how individuals can use their history? The play being set in 1936 when U.S.A was struggling through the great depression and migration of black Americans to the north with dreams of liberation of subservience yoke suggest variant ways of using history. Leaving a mark is one great way greatly focused in the book on how to use a history. A mark reminds people of your existence and presence. Boy Willie expresses this in leaving a mark in the tree “Boy Willie was here” whereas is great grandfather carved “we were here” on the piano wood. Property is another issue in the play that is suggested in the play on how to use history. Emanating from Charles family once being a property it leaves a mark on the existence of specific person and their achievements. Being followed by ownership, ownership of anything claims person superiority over the properly. Music keeps records of historical events and personal records. The piano being a metaphor in the play line music is widely utilized to keep record of historical happening.
How does the central metaphor of a piano express this?
The piano takes several meaning in the play and its lifetime. As a gift bought via slave exchange it signifies persons worth and interchangeability during slavery era and white kingship network over blacks. Under Boy Willie the piano signifies a symbolic attempt to keep the family together and history. The carving on it wooden parts are a narrative of the present and past historical events of the slaves and family story line. The piano being passed from one generation to another helps keep the past family historical memorials within the family.
What are the functions of ghosts in the play?
Ghost in the play were used to associate the play with the African American culture a trait the inherited from their African ancestors. Since the slave’s culture dissolved into white folks Christianity the writer used ghost to remind African American on their origin and reserve their spiritual beliefs. Therefore the ghost reserves historical events of the African American folks (Wilson N.P).
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Wilson, August. The Piano Lesson. New York: Theatre Communications Group, 2007. N.P Read More
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