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Bluebeard - Essay Example

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With time, other versions of the story have been created by other authors, varying in terms of the characters and plot but retaining the same morals. The story revolves around the…
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Download file to see previous pages The plot of the story in the three versions has not changed significantly, although a few differences can be seen in the three stories. For instance, in the story of Mr. Fox, the bride is in love with the man and chooses to go and live with him, although she had many other suitors. In the other two versions, the brides did not voluntarily choose to get married to the man. In Fitcher’s Bird, for example, the ladies would be magically thrown into the poor beggar’s basket when they shook hands, while the young girl in The Robber Bridegroom was married off to the man by her father.
Another difference was noted in the characteristics of the bridegroom. Both Mr. Fox and the wizard disguised as a poor beggar were rich and lived in fine houses. The wizard provided the bride with everything that she wished for in terms of material wealth. However, it was on condition that she was not to enter into a special room where he had killed and butchered his previous wives. Unlike the other bridegrooms, the wizard appears to be genuinely looking for a wife because he tells the youngest sister that she has passed the test and would now become his bride. The robber, on the other hand, lived in an eerie house deep in the forest, where he and his friends would take young girls and eat them. Just like Mr. Fox, it is clear he was not interested in having a wife at all.
Some aspects of the original story have also changed significantly. The demise of the evil bridegroom is different in most stories although some of them are almost similar such as the story of Mr. Fox and The Robber Bridegroom. The brides discover their inhumane deeds and tactfully report them in front of the guests by pretending that they saw them in their dreams. The use of riddles and figurative language is a common feature in most stories as it makes the story more interesting. It was also commonly used in normal speech among the people during the time when the stories were written. Fairy tales ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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