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Pop culture across cultures - Assignment Example

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When Disney announced a new computer-animated film called “Frozen”, a free adaptation of Anderson`s “Snow Queen” in November 2013 nobody paid much attention to it. Why? Because Disney is one of the oldest, the most reliable studios in the world that makes a couple of…
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Pop culture across cultures
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Download file to see previous pages Walt Disney`s personages are often charming, attractive, and mostly traditional: princesses, princes, animals with extraordinary powers, villains. Disney chooses not to risk as Pixar producing films about an old man mourning his late wife or about a lonely robot cleaning the planet Earth from trash. So it was another good old story about a beautiful big-eyed and wasp-waisted princess who was waiting for true love to get rescued. But something went wrong…
In a couple of months after the release of the animation film the world got literally infected by “Frozen”-mania. The name of the main character became one of the most popular baby-girl names in Scandinavian countries and in Britain (not to mention America). YouTube got flooded with the videos in which the whole families, including toddlers and grandfathers, sing the songs from the animation film. I personally was impressed by the video of the head of the school who announced winter vacations with his own variant of “Let it go”. Children were ready to wait for more than five hours to meet Elza, Anna, and Olaf in Disney World. The hashtag #TheColdNeverBotheredMeAnyway got incredibly popular in so unexpectedly different groups and communities in Twitter and Instagram. The main theme of “Frozen” got a number of interpretations starting from divorce and autism and ending with the concept of homosexuality and transgender ( Lynskey).
The answer why children are obsessed with “Frozen” seems obvious at first sight. It is the Walt Disney studio, it does not make bad movies, the company invests thousands and millions of dollars to make its animation colorful and realistic and attracts the best composers to create incredible soundtracks. But that is their general policy, and the number of films they produced before “Frozen” were made according to this high standards. I looked through the movies Disney created last five-six years and realized that I did not know the name of a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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