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Next Generation Air Transportation System - Essay Example

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The government through various agencies is working hard to ensure the transport industry develops to support various economic activities and practices in the country. The…
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Next Generation Air Transportation System
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Extract of sample "Next Generation Air Transportation System"

Next Generation Air Transport System The need for faster and efficient movement has necessitated improvement of various transportation systems. The government through various agencies is working hard to ensure the transport industry develops to support various economic activities and practices in the country. The most notable improvement came through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This agency coined the term NextGen to refer to various proposals aimed at improving air transport and operations in the country. The Next Generation Air Transport System program involves the use of new technology to improve the services offered by the aviation sector. In addition, this program also encompasses airspace redesign and human factors affected by the air transport
Next Generation Air Transport System is a proposed overhaul of the air traffic control system by the FAA. This government organ is moving away from the traditional control plan to exploit the advancement of technology in operating and managing aircrafts across the country. Accordingly, the aviation department plans to move from ground-based radar surveillance to satellite-based automatic monitoring. This program’s essential idea is the concept of free flights across the country. Through the adoption of various innovations, the aircrafts are guided by satellite instruments in the cockpit (Barkowski 6). This technology replaces the ground-based radars that require assistance by numerous traffic air controllers. Additionally, NextGen refers to the technology program that is essential and appropriate for ensuring safe and efficient movements of aircrafts. Thus, individual planes are given freedom to chart their path from departure to arrival destinations without the influence of aviation staff on the ground. Under free flights, the satellite-guided software provides direct and accurate routes to pilots to their targets.
The Next Generation Air Transport System is currently in use across the country. Adoption of this program has already improved the air transport system in the country. Through the adoption of the guidelines and provision of this program, passengers are now enjoying the use of air transport. The crafts are saving time and moving swiftly across the country (Dillingham 5). In addition, the agency’s direct flights from different places is also useful. As a result, the industry is saving on operations cost since aircrafts use limited fuel. The crafts are also less pollutant to the environment since the emission of exhaust fumes has greatly reduced. Moreover, the program is essential to increasing the efficiency of air transport controllers in discharging their duties.
Undoubtedly, the Next Generation Air Transportation System is a brilliant and useful program for the country’s transport sector. This program is hugely beneficial to both travelers and airline companies. The improved services in the aviation sector and reduced time and delays in transportation are the perfect examples of how this program has been helpful. Although not fully implemented, the early signs are encouraging and important in enhancing movements by aircrafts. The government is set to reap big from the changes induced by this program. With number of passengers set to double and cost of operation to reduce, the country is expected to increase its revenue from this sector, and thus, economic growth.
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Next Generation Air Transportation System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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