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Health Care Crisis - Essay Example

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Since universal health coverage involves extension of health care, its implementation is via statutes, legislation, and taxation. Most developed nations have initiated global medical care coverage, the…
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Health Care Crisis
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Download file to see previous pages The high cost of the multi-payer system is at the core of the unsustainable medical care costs in America. Medical care does not obey the laws of demand and supply. This makes the seller set the price as far as they can. In the U.S, the price has been set too high making it impossible to provide universal health care. The federalism form of government also makes it difficult to initiate changes to government policies. Furthermore, America does not have a uniform medical care system, making it difficult for the implementation of universal health coverage. The nation has substitute programs that have extended insurance coverage to the legal American citizens in place of universal healthcare coverage. There are already costly related programs, such as Social Security Disability Insurance. If the universal health coverage is implemented, it will put the American firms at a global competitive loss. Next, the insurance policies that have been bought abroad stops being effective in America, especially for those people travelling from the home countries to the U.S. Universal health care coverage would reduce the competition the competition between the American biotechnological and pharmaceutical sector that has resulted in numerous medical breakthroughs. These issues have made it difficult for the United States to have universal health coverage.
Health care is a very crucial component in any economic system. Borger et al. (2006) observe that universal health coverage entails some certain form of government action that is aimed at expanding medical care as far as possible in addition to setting minimum standards. Numerous distinct organizations in the U.S provide medical care. Most of the medical care facilities are operated and owned by the private sector enterprises. Statistics have indicated that about 56% of the American community hospitals are non-profit, with the remaining 22% are either state-owned or operate as non-profit organizations (Niles, 2014). The U.S ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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