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Prevent crime - Essay Example

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I am the resident of this town, and I am currently traumatized by the level insecurity of the vicinity which has raised a plethora questions that are yet to be answered. It is clearly evidenced that crime rates has been accelerated by high the consumption of drugs, increased…
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Prevent crime
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Extract of sample "Prevent crime"

Crime Prevention s Dear Editor, I am the resident of this town, and I am currently traumatized by the level insecurity of the vicinity which has raised a plethora questions that are yet to be answered. It is clearly evidenced that crime rates has been accelerated by high the consumption of drugs, increased level of poverty and politics.
The police should help in curbing these criminal activities in the region. Having undergone a specialized training, the police are in a position to control these criminal acts. They also assist in preventing and controlling any threat to life and property such as terror attacks. Other than the mentioned, the police are important in maintaining law and order. For instance, during public gatherings, the police should balance the right of the public to assemble with the need to ensure that other citizens can move about freely.
When it comes to crime prevention, individuals commitment and participation in crime prevention tremendously help in preventing some of the criminal activities such as theft. Citizens help in creating a safe and nurturing the local environment by observing and reporting any suspicious criminal activities to the police. Because of this, the police should be in good terms with the local citizens so as to acquire important information which they might not have.
In a nutshell, crime prevention is a communal responsibility between citizens and the police. Therefore, I fully agree that the police should work hand in hand with the locals to reduce crime rates. It is therefore important for all the security department to alias with citizens in curbing any form of criminal activity.
Miyazawa, K. (1995). Crime prevention in the urban community. Deventer u.a: Kluwer. Read More
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Prevent Crime Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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