Customers' and firms' views of using drones in business - Essay Example

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Technology has made business to grow more efficient and effective. Organizations that have embraced technology in the correct manner are experiencing benefits followed. Through…
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Customers and firms views of using drones in business
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Download file to see previous pages A drone resembles and acts like an airplane. Lack of a pilot flying the drone is the major difference between a drone and an airplane. A person in a certain station controls a drone. The individuals are responsible for monitoring areas covered by the drone. In addition, the individual controls the movement of the drone. Drones are common among the military and army squads as they use them to survey enemies’ movement. They also act as bombs for attacking enemies. Development of drone abilities attracted executives who used for surveying areas that was not within the businessperson reach. Therefore, the drone has been of great service as it save time. Businessperson, use the drone for purposes such as delivery, providing internet services, news, photography, agriculture, population and monitoring public service.1 Apparently, the firms using drone and consumer have different views considering the use of drones in business activities. Some view them as advantageous while some view them as a disturber. Nevertheless, it depends on the service the drone offers to the individual. This paper attempts to views and explains the difference and similarities between the customers and the firm’s view on the usage of drones in business activity. The paper also adds the differences that firms and customers have while viewing the usage of drones in the business. It adds that the difference in people view is the main reason for the difference in how people view drones.
Despite the many benefits of using drones in business, some firms and customers complain of the services produced. Some firms view the usage if drone in business and efficient. They lay their view upon the fast services produced when using the drone especially when delivering products. It is clear that most firms have experienced a challenge when delivering products and services to consumers in time when delivering products locally. The main problems that firms experience is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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