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White-Collar Crime - Research Paper Example

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This paper seeks to explain and give a deeper insight into the sociological aspects that determine the various behaviors observed in the business world. Of key interest is the various theory of deviance that fuels such ill conduct in the society…
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White-Collar Crime
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White-Collar Crime

Download file to see previous pages... All over the globe, one thing remains clear that the society is divided majorly into two groups, that is, the haves and the have-nots. Moreover, the behavioral characteristics of these people within the society are relatively different owing to the level of interaction experienced. The type of environment in which different people are brought up defines the diverse cultural backgrounds of the societal composition. Nevertheless, in terms of the material wealth and ownership of factors of production, a social line is drawn that clusters the conduct of people into the two major social classes mentioned above. Suffice is to say that the poor share economic, social and political attributes and the affluent does the same. Various theories of deviance in sociology have been used to explain the malpractices in the society. Differential association theory explains much about the brainwashing effect that the practices of the older individual transcend down to the younger learner (Smelser, 130-5). This explains the perpetual existence and apparently increasing gap between the rich and the poor. Over the years the society has been campaigning for equality among people but this is unrealistic in practical application. The structure of the society assumes a pyramid shape in which the majority at the larger base forms the bulwark of the poor and the chain of command goes up the apex. At this point the structural strain theory may be the possible result of the poor falling into crime. This is because they are strained by the ill intentions and manipulations of the elite that they are forced to attempt beating the system. At the top are the elite that are almost being worshiped due to their massive economic authority. In respect of this order the legal system has not been very effective across all these classes of people in the society as claimed (Clinard 150-9). This mentality has got entrenched into the mind of the people such that the law is believed to serve the interest of the reach and tame the success endeavors of the poor. In that regard the business community has not been left out especially in the case of economic crime which is substantially undertaken by elite entities with minimal punishment. On the other hand, the poor people have suffered in the hands of the law over relatively petty activities. Among them is the massive fraud that has been carried out by large and reputable firms and personalities against the welfare of the society. Impunity takes toll across the globe in various ways and it is propagated by the respected in the society who ironically go scot-free. One outstanding crime which is eating its way into the social, economic and political fabric of the society is white collar crime. This is to say that most of the mega economic crimes are not done by the common man but the big fish in the society. It has been known to all and sundry that a petty thief is subjected to a severe punishment while the economic elite in the society walks away with greater crimes right in front of the legal system. A number of cases all over the world before and in this era of globalization have been reported of multinational firms engaging in dishonest business practices and fraudulent activities. This is all because of their ability to beat the law through their numerous dubious ways and easy identification of loopholes in the market framework. It is also not news that most business entities have changed the traditional slogan of customer power to their own manipulative activities of exploiting the clientele (Mann 200-12). The overriding motive of the various entrepreneurial activities in the world has to do with supernormal profits and market power. Through this and the upsurge of cut-throat competition in the business ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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