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Informal Analytical Report - Essay Example

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However, the diversion will affect the local community in the area; it will make large trucks move through the rural villages and…
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Informal Analytical Report
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Download file to see previous pages The people way of life will be affected as they may be forced to change in productive ways that use less land. The idea is to make them look out for jobs to cater for their daily needs since farmlands can be reduced. The people living on the proposed site may be forced to vacate the land to newer areas which may be less productive, and this will force the people adopt different ways of survival. Moving vehicles may knock down people as they perform their errands since most of them use footpaths, which may be destroyed forcing them, use the roads. The water catchments may be destroyed, and rivers may be diverted towards far areas forcing them look for water from afar. The main construction will cause noise pollution and air pollution from fumes emitted by the vehicles undertaking the construction.
To solve the possible emerging issues and retaliation; the community will be sensitized to effects and possible solutions the company is willing to put in place. The manufacturing company will come up with solutions to each problem they will cause as they create the diversion.
Footpaths will be constructed alongside the main roads to prevent people being knocked down by vehicles. However, in case of accidents when people are crossing the roads, the company caters for the expenses incurred for the medical services of the individuals working in the institution and is involved in an accident. Bumps must be placed on strategic crossing sites, and the community must be taught on road safety.
On matters of diversion of rivers, the company must provide piped water to each doorstep to reduce movement of people and animals to and from the rivers. This will reduce a number of accidents thus reducing compensation to be made by the company.
Though the community will feel the road is an unnecessary evil, they must be shown the positive impacts the roads can inflict to their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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