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The Color of Water report - Book Report/Review Example

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Maybe for this reason people write history, and keep the stories of their lives: their childhood, parents and grandparents memories… I think James McBride…
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The Color of Water report
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Download file to see previous pages McBride is forced to a memory tripping by gaps in his family history. Both Jewish and African-American parts of his identity are missing. African-American inside him is missing due to the direct connection to a father whom he never knew: Dennis McBride had died before the author was born and only gave him the name, James. Despite that African-American relatives were mostly welcome to McBride himself as well as for his Jewish mother Ruth, author’s wishes to find what kind of man Dennis McBride was within several chapters. Yet even to a greater degree author’s Jewish identity is lost. Due to his mother Ruth’s dramatic life circumstances, any connections with his Jewish origin had vanished.
Therefore, most desperately author’s peering into Ruth’s Jewish years again and again: his mother Ruth appears to be the only connection left with McBride’s Jewish origin. At the beginning of the novel author notes: “Betwixt and between the pages of her life you will find mine as well” (McBride). Yet when discovering this dramatic chain of sad and remarkable events McBride never makes the topic of intolerance the main for a novel. The focus stays on exploring his mother’s life, and it makes the narrative so tender: Ruth never encouraged any racial discussions and used to change the subject when she was asked on a color of her skin (McBride 15). With example of own life Ruth had left no doubts that there are no any racial differences between people: author’s mother had eight children from author’s African-American father.
Thus, author must have learned the truth Ruth spoke of a race and deal with own biracial origin long time ago. “See, a marriage needs love. And God. And a little money. That’s all. The rest you can deal with. It’s not about black or white” (McBride 233). McBride recognizes the authority which Ruth had among her children. “She issued orders and her rule was law” (McBride 15). Yet despite the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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