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Personal information shared on internet- risk or no risk - Essay Example

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The digital world is pushing an increased number of people into second lives. The masses have to battle with privacy of their information, as…
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Personal information shared on internet- risk or no risk
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Extract of sample "Personal information shared on internet- risk or no risk"

Download file to see previous pages For example, information shared involves personal photos taken from smartphones and computers that are GPS embedded allowing other people to determine the individual’s location. Essentially, fraudsters and kidnappers can easily use this kind of information to locate where the owner resides, kidnaping them, and asking for ransom.
On the other hand, computer hacking involves infringement on the other peoples privacy and cause destruction of computer-based software, files and, website pages. The hackers have the belief that sharing information is paramount. Hence, it is their ethical duty to facilitate the process of sharing information. The hackers also have a conviction that system cracking is fun. Therefore, exploitation is ethically acceptable. They hold that so long as they have not committed theft or vandalism, the practice is reasonable. Many dangers prevail in the privacy issues. Such dangers include data misuse, unauthorized access to information, child safety risks and bullying, and harmful psychological impacts of OSNs. Despite the dangers associated with internet platforms, people still disclose massive quantities of personal information, which is a risky behaviour.
Boyd (2007, p.20), argues that OSNs are public networks with four main properties that do not embrace face-to-face communication, public life, replicability, diligence, searchability, and unseen audiences. These social dynamics in this context are fundamentally different and sophisticate the manner in which people interact. Although the OSNs all have online interfaces that aim for interactions and common communications, patterns of usage and specific goals, differ across varied services (Acquisti and Gross, 2006, p.36). Acquisti and Gross (2006, p.37), note that the commonly used models depend on the presentation of the contributors profiles. They also rely on visualization of the network to others and location of ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Personal Information Shared on Internet- Risk or No Risk Essay.
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