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This book by Alice Walker, talks about the journey of three generations of a black family and the struggles, trials and tribulations they all go through at a time when slavery was still rampant. It describes the struggles of the black community in general and the Copeland family…
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Journal of the book
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Download file to see previous pages The first few chapters talk about the early life of Brownfield who spent most of his time alone while his parents worked hard to make ends meet. His father Grange, worked on cotton fields and harbored great fear about his ‘boss’ Mr. Shipley, a memory which Brownfield retains the most about his father, during his early years. He grows up alone and uncared for, has distant relationship with his father who rarely acknowledged him or had a word with him throughout his life resulting in Brownfield growing up without proper love and attention from his father.
Brownfield holds fond memories of his mother, before she passes away, and was comparatively closer to her than he was with his father. However, after having to take care of his half-brother Star, who was Margaret’s illegitimate child, and the series of events that follow results in strained relationship between his parents. His parents fought more often making it highly uncomfortable for little Brownfield to live peacefully and yearn for a better life. Grange was poor and worked as a slave in the cotton fields and could not do much to help his family live a better life as well as his Uncle Silas. The poverty and hardship of working as slaves in a poor old country side house far removed from the luxuries and comfort that the city life afforded, strongly affected their family. The strained relationship between Grange and Margaret and its impact on Brownfield is described by the author as: “What Brownfield could not forgive was that in the drama of their lives, his father and mother forgot they were not alone”. Brownfield eventually comes to dislike his mother as well.
In his early life he never had an opportunity to go to school or get a decent education. However his cousins, from the North, who frequently visited him in their fancy car and talked about all the luxuries of life that the Northern states afforded a regular black ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Journal of the Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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