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How much I like the film and reccommend it to others - Movie Review Example

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Class name Date assignment is due Title The 1968 movie "the heart is a lonely hunter" directed by Robert Ellis Miller is one of my favorite movie for it depicts the lives of people with disabilities. The movie is special for its characters who are afflicted with some sort of physical disability…
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How much I like the film and reccommend it to others
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Download file to see previous pages Depression and loneliness further segregate them. If this is the state of the normal individuals, the plight of the physically and mentally disabled people is even harder to imagine. Looking into the lives of the characters of the movie "the heart is a lonely hunter" we can understand how hard it is to live with various physical and psychological abnormalities. Disabilities differ for each and every character in the movie. Some are deaf-mute, while some are mentally impaired. I like the movie and recommend it to others as it portrays the struggles and sufferings of the disadvantaged. Comparing the disabilities and the struggles of the characters help us understand the lives of the people who are afflicted with different abnormalities. The movie also criticizes the various forms of inequalities like handicapped man vs. normal man, black vs. white, rich vs. poor and so on. I love this movie for all these reasons. The movie is centered on the admirable character John Singer who is a deaf-mute. Several other characters with other sorts of disabilities pass along his path, each striving to locate their own path of self-discovery. The physically challenged Singer however has invaluable help for each and every one of them. ...
John Singer is the first example from the movie who is with a disability. John Singer the main character and the focal point of all other characters is a deaf-mute. He lives with his close friend Antonapoulos who is also a deaf-mute. Singer puts all his efforts in his friendship with Antonapoulos. When Antonapoulos is taken to an asylum Singer becomes depressed and lonely. This makes him change his residence to a rented room. Singer's devotion and love to his deaf-mute friend Antonapoulos reveals the human desire to be expressed and loved by someone. This also reveals the desperate plight of Singer who thirsts to find some love in Antonapoulos. His disability of being deaf-mute helps us understand the world of deaf mute people who live in their own isolated world with the heavy desired to give and take love. Losing the company of Antonopoulos made Singer look for another source of friendship. Singer later creates a circle of friendship where his friends are people who are disabled, lonely and afflicted. We find him surrounded by four other main characters of the movie who are also struggling with weaknesses of their own. Singer cannot speak and cannot express his thoughts or desires. This makes him helpless to disillusion or refute them. Even though Singer pour out his life to widen the world of his disabled friends, they take it for granted for Singer is a deaf-mute who cannot present his thoughts. In spite of offering the best companionship for these characters Singer’s devotion and love is less recognized by other for he is unable to express it being a deaf mute. Though he offers solace to the hearts of his friends there is none to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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