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However, little did I anticipate a change of conviction as I become more aware of my passion and capabilities with time. It was when I joined the pre-med college…
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Personal statement
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Personal ment 30th March, Personal ment Like every child who had a dream growing up, I deeply aspired to study medicine and become a doctor when I grew up. However, little did I anticipate a change of conviction as I become more aware of my passion and capabilities with time. It was when I joined the pre-med college that my fascination with medicine started to diminish as I became more aware of the intrigues of medicine. At a personal level, I struggled with maintaining doctor- patient relationships. My endeavor to work past this challenge had little progress and I soon realized that my performance efficacy as doctor would be in a jeopardy if I continued with the course. I was compelled to reconsider my career options and I opted to transfer to Cornell University where I majored in biology as an undergraduate. Unlike my childhood dream of becoming a doctor, my decision to major in biology was founded on in-depth research and soul searching to match my choice of career with my personal skills and interests. During my major, I endeavored to undertake voluntary programs, attended seminars and conferences in effort to explore my utmost desire and further advance my skills in the field of biological sciences.
One of my invaluable experiences as an undergraduate student was when I volunteered to work as a laboratory technician. For a period of one month, I had the opportunity to learn how to conduct a plasmid minirep, protein purification and western /dot blotting. I was further responsible for making agrose gel, SDS gel and the recording of laboratory notes. My desire to pursue biomedical engineering was cemented by the satisfaction that I got after solving lab research cases. I was able to acquire first-hand experience as a biologist within a clinical set up, which not only enhanced my personal skills but also instilled professional confidence within me.
I have also been actively engaged in community work from 2009 up to date. I have offered community services through the UAE Red Crescent on 3 occasions, 2009, 2014 and 2015. Working as volunteer, I was responsible for the supervision of the medical laboratory and management of laboratory logistics. Working with the UAE Red Crescent enhanced my teamwork capability and communication skills with the members of the public. I also volunteered for the Foundation for the Elderly from 2009 to 2010 when I gained insight and lessons on having positive impact on the society. I was further compelled to participate in additional community works that included the Together for Benevolence project, Tenth campaign to clean the desert and the MENA Consultative meeting of 2015.
At the undergraduate level, I have developed a deeper insight into the broad field of biomedical science and the possibilities that lie within the biomedical frontier. I have further experienced academic growth and broader understanding of my passion through volunteering and partaking community services in the society. I have gained immense interest in biomedical research because biomedical researchers have largely underpinned biomedical breakthroughs in the development of vaccines, medicines and profiling of diseases. In addition to my passion, I believe that my exemplary undergraduate performance underline my personal dedication, hard work and commitment to my studies. As a member of your graduate school, I plan to build an unparalleled reputation in biomedical research based on extensive academic knowledge from pre- medical school background and my major in biology. I only seek to pursue a career path that will first have a positive impact on the society and leading to personal satisfaction and fulfillment. Read More
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