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Changing Nature of Journalism - Essay Example

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Journalism, in the modern world is considered essential for the smooth functioning of a state, since journalists play a role in creating awareness regarding the different political and social matters prevailing in the society. It is however important to understand that…
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Changing Nature of Journalism
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Extract of sample "Changing Nature of Journalism"

Changing nature of Journalism Journalism, in the modern world is considered essential for the smooth functioning of a since journalists play arole in creating awareness regarding the different political and social matters prevailing in the society. It is however important to understand that journalism is rapidly changing its nature due to the rapidly transforming technological and global scenarios that are under the influence of different forces that work together. This situation presents novel challenges before journalists who have to cope with new situations in an ever changing fashion.
One of the main themes of modern day journalism is ‘information’. New information continuously emerges through the prevailing news networks and journalists are faced with the challenging task of filtering out the most relevant and authentic information to present the most reliable information to their audience. Information flow has become so rapid that it is almost impossible to ascertain with confidence the true nature of any evidence that emerges. For this reason, journalists have to rely on their experience and knowledge to prevent spread of false information.
A recent phenomenon that has shaped journalism is the development and spread of social networks that utilize internet. Since this is a two-way channel of information, journalism and journalists are faced with a novel situation. The older notion of ‘teaching’ the audience has transformed into the concept of ‘discussion’ that takes place between people and the journalists. This direct interaction has become a cause of concern for those journalists who were previously biased in their opinions or interpretations. Hence, the modern day journalism demands a high degree of impartiality on part of the journalists; a trend that should be welcomed. Read More
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