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The researcher will tell that roller coasters remained him greatest fascination throughout his childhood. He would watch on television as people rode the machines high into the sky and at tremendous speeds. The author wanted to ride a rollercoaster for a long time until the day it happened…
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A roller coaster ride
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A roller coaster ride
Roller coasters remained my greatest fascination throughout my childhood. I would watch on television as people rode the machines high into the sky and at tremendous speeds. I wanted to ride a rollercoaster for a long time until the day it happened. My father had taken me out to a local fair alongside a number of children. The track of the machine lay bare and twisted into the sky. The large metal bars that supported the frame were big and strong. However, they were twisted into unique patterns that my father explained enhanced the thrill of the experience.
I boarded a cabin alongside a number of children and fastened the seatbelt, the ride promised to be exhilarating. I experienced both fear and excitement in equal measure. At some time, I nearly jumped out of the machine. Looking straight ahead, the track rose into the sky until I could not see any more of it. On the other end, I could see the track falling into the ground and twisting right back into the sky. I felt nauseated and nearly jumped out. However, before made up my mind, the cabin cocked into life. it hummed steadily as it began moving slowly.
The cabin picked up pace and before I knew it I was climbing the metal hill straight into the sky at a high speed. I looked back at my father and I could see his size diminish with every inch I climbed. The other children in the cabin were screaming either in joy or in fear, a feature made my experience at the cabin more uncomfortable. The cabin got to the peak of the climb and I saw the entire horizon. The view was breathtaking though I could not describe the feeling. I enjoyed the view from the sky. However, the experience did not last for long since the cabin began falling. The cab fell out of the sky quite literally. I could feel my body mass dragging me to the ground. The screams from the other children heightened as I sat still looking.
The earth was fast approaching. The fear of a crush combined with the security that my father could not bring me to a death trap created a degree of suspense since I did not know what to expect. A few inches to the ground, the cabin twisted once more as it spun back into the air. Just as the name suggests, the track of the roller coaster was a maze of rises and free falls. The speed of the free fall was adequate to keep the cabin flowing on an evenly inclined plane as it made a number of rounds before it stopped back at the point we had boarded. I could see my father smiling. I knew he understood the experience. As I walked away from the cabin, I saw a number of children from the cabin vomit while others were laughing with excitement demanding another ride. I remained pensive but was happy to have come from the cabin safe. It was an enjoyable ride. However, the fact that I did not know what to expect made it difficult. I think I enjoyed the ride more after I had alighted from the cabin. Read More
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