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The Laramie - Essay Example

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The drama deals with the emotional issues, which include homosexuality, hate crimes, and lastly capital punishment, as well as the positive and negative secular and religious responses to issues being addressed. In addition, the play basis on more than 200 interviews taken out…
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The Laramie
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Download file to see previous pages in which religion puts people apart in the play as paradoxically as it is through judgment and the feelings when he questions if his priest and father are right about their arguments against homosexuality. The questioning raises the difference between reality and religion as well as the statement of not giving the organized religion permission of the contents of the said character (Kaufman 21).
Evident from the text is the ability to differentiate between religion and spirituality. The idea of well-established religion as well as that of orthodoxy as shown in a way that practices the singular notion of the best. Such traits are depicted by Reverend Phelps when he tries to make the matter of homosexuality be the one who questions whether ones allegiance to his God as it creates a setting that looks to separate individuals from "us or them" situation (Kaufman 32). Moreover, such also is the same as it discourages the Muslim woman in the play as it awakens the social status of some townspeople simply because of the cultural traditions. 
At such point, also, one can get the difference such regards the approach that separates individuals from religion does not represent all the established religions when Matts funeral is held in a Catholic church, the time where establishment of religion does look to bring people collectively. Moreover, there are also other religions, which cannot really be ready for them to accept fully homosexuality, and as well as its implications on the clergy, given so they cannot respond in the way of Reverend Phelps. 
The play makes the greatest statement on religious views of love together with compassion by the individuals as it is seen in the play.  Those who live in the town like Jedidiah work extra hard to reconcile the meaning being loyal to the town, and they also commit themselves to the fraternity by accepting all individuals living there. Romaine Patterson also willingness to remove the perception of "angels" 23 is a good ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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