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Health - Essay Example

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People participate in activities that promote the physical dimension like muscular strengthening and flexibility. The physical…
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Extract of sample "Health"

Download file to see previous pages It involves managing an individual’s feelings and behaviors, accepting oneself unconditionally and the ability to cope with stress. The social dimension is the ability to create and maintain healthy relationships with other people. It encourages harmony within the family and contributes to the human and physical environment for the goodness of the community. The intellectual dimension is the ability to use an individual’s mind to create the best understanding and appreciating oneself and others. It involves an individual’s ability to be creative in thinking and to expand their knowledge and skills through various activities.
Today, technology had changes people lives greatly. Through technology, people are able to interact with others instantly worldwide. In addition, individuals are able to move around fast, the appliances in people’s homes have made life easier thus making the world a better place.
According to a fieldwork done since 2003, the American teens use the social media massively and the use social sites like MySpace and Facebook. Some teens opted for MySpace while others preferred to use facebook and there are those who opt to use both. The teens independently chose the kind of social media they wanted to use. Moreover, personal preferences like features, functionality, how to use and design led to the teens choosing one to the other. teens often talk about what they like about and how they perceive the different sites in relation o the values they hold. For example some teen prefer facebook because it seems faster to them as well as it is less competitive than MySpace. In addition, some choose specific social media platforms because of their friends. On the other hand, some teens describe those who use MySpace as those from the ghetto and hip-hop lovers group.
In the United States, the social structure is shaped by race, socio-economic status, lifestyle, and education. Social media is fading away as the one that seems trendy ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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I use quality assurance procedures to guide my daily activities by implementing the highest standard of care in my work. I use the procedures to guide my decision-making and to direct my actions including patient care, medication administration, management of symptoms as well as implementation of doctor’s orders. These quality assurance procedures are part of the standard requisites of the practice and are meant to manage the administration of interventions and the management of patient care. C) Explain your organizational policies and procedures in achieving quality care standards. My organizational policies and procedures in achieving quality care standards include weekly peer reviews, monthly self-assessment policies, regular...
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...or not it is possible to address these health problem with a substance abuser. Addressing health impairment factors with substance abusers is called “Fear appeals”, the individual can be taught about the hazards involved in abusing drugs and explaining the entire bodily, mechanism that is hampered as a result of the drugs. In order to convey the message of the fear appeal, the substance abuser must be sober at that time and one another factor that would be more effective in dealing with the problem is not inducing excessive amount of fear in the client. If the fear appeal induces excessive fear the client is likely to suppress these unpleasant feelings as quickly as possible and though, for a short...
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..., Spectrum approach framework will be utilized. Health concept has been implicated in spatial planning where today planning in major cities are designed with health needs in consideration. Planning of cities in most countries has been linked to heath status of the people who inhabit such cities. In other words planning of cities directly or indirectly affects heath status of the population in the area. Towns together with cities affect heath in different ways that goes beyond the presence of health services in the area. Generally, the planning of urban and sometimes rural areas normally affects and shapes people’s life choices and at same time has a strong bearing on heath outcomes....
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...valence of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and other chronic ailments caused by unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking or drinking. The secret to happiness in life often depends on staying healthy. This means quality of life is important and not just having lived long enough to defy the mortality statistics. In other words, there is no point in having lived long if most of that life was spent in illness or injury and therefore, not a life lived to the fullest. Happiness and full life means living an active and independent life, especially during the sunset years. Health is definitely wealth, people say it quite often. Staying healthy is not only an individual's concern but also of governments due to increasing pressure on scarce or...
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