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The Effects of Poverty on Health Poverty can be defined as the economic condition of a family that cannot provide the basic necessities of life like adequate food, shelter and clothing. The effect of poverty on the general health of people is a debatable issue since the cultural context of poverty is also taken into consideration…
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The affects of poverty on health
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Download file to see previous pages (Poverty in the United States, 2010, pp.298-299) If adequate economic support is not provided to these children then they will remain in the vicious circle of poverty perpetuating the increasing rate of the poor class. Economic conditions that result in poverty can also render a family homeless with no job and no money. If the duration of being homeless is longer then there is more possibility of a person to experience poor health and increased risk of premature death. In USA, infant mortality and unemployment are rampant in any major city. This is because of unequal distribution of wealth and unaffordable health care services. This situation will continue to worsen unless proper steps are taken to deal with the issue of poverty. (Camara, 2006, p.13) Poverty has become an issue for some that never felt they would be in that situation. Seniors have felt it strongly as well as retirement was not what they had planned for since their savings have been depleted. With the rising costs of healthcare, many programs that were once helping in the poverty stricken areas are not available now and the effects are beginning to show. This is an important part of our human services that needs to continue due to the recent outbreaks of whooping cough, and the reoccurrence of the chickenpox virus causing shingles. The definition of poor people in the USA In the current era of recession, poverty has become a major issue of concern in the USA. As the nation is striving to pull itself out of this long standing recession, there is a possibility of millions of people who will be forced to bear the brunt of poverty in the coming years. In the year 2006 which was the beginning of this Great Recession saw a rise of poverty by 27 percent resulting in 10 million people below the poverty line (McGreal, 2012). In America, there is no single variety of the poor. The poor population comprises of workers with low income, mothers who rear their children single handedly, disabled veterans, the old people, immigrants, those who have not received proper education and the fallen middle class. This population is found even in the wealthiest suburbs. Currently, in America there are 46.2 million people living below the poverty line which means this population has an annual income less than $22, 314 for a family of four. This situation is so worse that it is unlikely that the scenario will change even after the recession period ends and economy turns around. With the Great Recession there has been a high rate of the unemployment percentage which has resulted in many families being pushed below the poverty line. However, in America the definition of real poverty is a complex matter. It cannot be measured purely by the lack of material facilities that can be afforded by the families. It is highly possible that “poor families might well own a car or subscribe to cable TV”. Poverty of a family cannot be judged by a single year of income, and the more realistic approach is to measure the “family’s ability to make ends meet--to pay the electricity bill and put food on the table” (Kiviat, 2011, pp.34-41). Indicator of poverty is also more contextual than absolute. For instance, lack of indoor plumbing did not prove the family was poor 150 years ago, but today it indicates poverty. Poverty always does not mean having low income and not being able to afford material things. Poverty can also emerge from managing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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