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Studies are already firm that indeed exercise makes a body strong and resistant to many diseases. It however is still unclear if exercise also other benefits aside from physical wellness. This…
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Teacher Research Proposal: The benefits of physical exercise to physical and mental wellness and how it contribute to longevity I. Introduction
It is already generally accepted that exercise is good to our physical wellness. Studies are already firm that indeed exercise makes a body strong and resistant to many diseases. It however is still unclear if exercise also other benefits aside from physical wellness. This proposed research will aim to explore the benefits of exercise to mental wellness, aging and longevity.
II. Topic and research questions
The chosen topic will be the other benefits of exercise other than physical wellness. It shall explore the benefits of exercise to mental wellness, psychological health and life span.
Research questions:
1. How does exercise benefit other aspects of well-being such as mental and psychological well-being?
2. Does exercise delay aging and increases life span?
3. How does exercise increase life span? Healthier body and positive psychological well-being or both?
III. Summary of the conversations
There are studies coming out that made exercise more interesting to research about. Studies are now reporting that in addition to physical health, exercise is also good to mental health. Studies that have reports about exercise’s healing qualities is slowly gaining popularity as well as a way to delay aging and increase longevity.
With regard to benefits of exercise to mental health, one of the most compelling discussion is made by Deslandes and Schuch who proposed that the benefits of exercise particularly aerobic and strength training “contribute to improve cognitive function, especially the executive function”. In the same study, it also reported that exercise reduces depressive symptoms through the “occurrence of redundant neurobiological pathways with the increase of neurotrophins due to exercise”. Interestingly, Dunn and Jewel, even contend that physical exercise could even be a cure to mental disorder. Their study also reported that exercise can change an indivdiual’s outlook in life to become optimistic that can contribute to one’s health and well-being (Dunn and Jewel 204).
Other studies supported this report that physical exercise could reduce and resist anxiety. It prescribed long term exercise however to promote mental wellness that is resistant to anxiety (Strickland and Smith). Interestingly, it seems that exercise could also make one intelligent because according to Brow et al’s study, physical exercise can help “maintain superior cognitive functioning as well as modify the risk of cognitive decline, AD and dementia” (Brown et al 872).
Other benefits of exercise was stated by Raj et al, where he reported that physical exercise make people avoid unwholesome lifestyle such as smoking and drinking. In the same study, Raj et al contended that exercise does not only make people healthy but also increases their philanthropic tendency (Raj 1191).
Of course we can deduce that given the benefits of exercise of having a healthy body that is resistant to diseases, that we would live long and slow aging (CBN News). Quoting Brian Kinney assertion that “the harder you exercise, the longer you live” (Bryant ) validated this assumption about exercise. There is also a study that exercise delays aging but it was only limited to mice which is equivalent to 20 years in human (Edwards) making it interesting to know how could exercise extend life in years. It would make an interesting study also how exactly does physical exercise delay aging and extends lifespan whether it is the healthier body does it, positive mindset or a combination of both.
IV. Bibliography
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