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Definition informal personality type - Assignment Example

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According to our socialization, girls are weak creatures who depend on women for assistance any all circumstances. However, these stereotypes are…
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Definition informal personality type
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A Strong Woman When a woman is strong and stands for her rights against any form of harassment by male counterparts, the society calls her a jerk. According to our socialization, girls are weak creatures who depend on women for assistance any all circumstances. However, these stereotypes are discriminatory and curtail womens success. The fear of such social labelling has killed many talented females and hindered the political or economic progression of the female species. Although the society outlines the behaviors and the roles of each in a social setting, I am one strong woman who holds on the inner drive that guides my actions regardless of the public opinion.
According to my pals, I am a no-nonsense girl who cares less about the public opinion as long as I achieve my goals. Nonetheless, this does not mean violating other people’s rights and freedom in order to succeed in my endeavors. My strong personality has gained me different names from my male and female friends. However, the word jerk is beyond my character. I might cause a conflict or pain to individuals who threaten my freedom or intend to divert my goals, but under normal circumstances, I am calm and friendly.
The society has a wrong perception of womanhood due to the stereotypes and male domination. Consequently, women and girls who express their willingness to confront patriarchy receive social neglect and labelling. I am firm girl who intends to follow my dream and achieve the success that fits my description. I draw my inspiration from Margret Thatcher, and if my idol was a jerk, I intend to be one as it is profitable than being noble. Read More
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