The effects of achol on the health,mental power, and relations of users - Essay Example

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It has many repercussions as it causes Diseases such as Hypertension, Unconsciousness, Anemia, Coma, Cancer, and Diabetes. In addition, alcoholism causes social effects such as a mental disorder,…
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The effects of achol on the health,mental power, and relations of users
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Extract of sample "The effects of achol on the health,mental power, and relations of users"

Health Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Teenagers Introduction Alcohol abuse is one of the greatest acute issuesaffecting the modern society. It has many repercussions as it causes Diseases such as Hypertension, Unconsciousness, Anemia, Coma, Cancer, and Diabetes. In addition, alcoholism causes social effects such as a mental disorder, impaired judgment, accidents, sexual assault, poisoning and domestic violence. Statistically consumption of alcohol has rapidly risen. Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, therefore has negative health effects on the users. (Nakaya and Andrea, pg.57).
In regard, alcoholism and alcohol abuse among the teenagers, children, pregnant women and elderly people is considered to have enormous health effects on both genders in the modern community. Specificity, this study explores the health effects of alcohol abuse and alcoholism on the modern teenagers and how these health effects influences their lifestyle.,
Significance of studying alcohol health effects of Teenagers
It is significant to study the health effect of alcohol and alcoholism of teenagers because the modern society relates alcohol to current lifestyle and believes drinking alcohol is a way of relieving stress. Moreover, there has been a rapid increase in the number of teenagers drinking and abusing alcohol. The aim of the paper is also to discuss the health issues related to alcoholism and alcohol abuse (Healey and Justin pg.23).
Health effects of alcohol consumption. Alcohol may cause serious problems with liver, especially if it is consumed on the regular basis. Moreover, it may have growth and endocrine effects.
• Effects of alcohol on the brain. Such brain functions as memory, coordination, and motor skills are disturbed. Besides, researchers’ show that alcohol may have long-lasting effects as the brain continues to develop by age 20.Thus, alcohol is particularly hazardous for young users (Smart and Lesley, pg.43).
• Mental effects of alcohol consumption. Alcohol may give rise to numerous psychological problems, ranging from low self-esteem to depression and suicide.
• Alcoholism. Those who use alcohol regularly may develop alcoholism, a disorder which may undermine the drinkers health.
In conclusion, alcohol abuse is a serious social problem which requires particular attention. It may ruin a person’s life. Therefore, timely assistance from the specialist is needed to help them manage the situation and find the solution to their issues. Occasionally, moderate drinking is usually healthy. It may help a person relax, both mentally and physically (Healey and Justin, pg.6). Thus, moderate consumption of alcohol may be healthy or at least not harmful. Its effects depend on the dose.
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