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Analysis: The English Patient - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes "The English Patient", that is a narrative that captures the life of four people whose lives have forever changed by war. The narrative is set in an abandoned Italian villa that had been converted into a makeshift hospital during the war…
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Analysis: The English Patient
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Extract of sample "Analysis: The English Patient"

Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that in line with the theme of war, the narrative is set in a villa and countryside that depicts the ravages of war. Hana uses books from the badly bombed out library to make two makeshift stairs by nailing books together in the villa. All the characters have lives that have been affected and forever marred by the war. Life in the early 1940’s with its politics, prejudices, geography, fashion, culture and world views are brought to interplay in the narrative. Nationality is a theme that is evident from the interactions in the narrative and despite Almasy, the English patients claim to non-nationality, it affected his life in major ways. Nationality in this time when nations were at war in the completely known world affected every part of human life whether they liked it or not. Love also transcends all circumstances and is portrayed in the love of Katherine who thought long dead is mourned and longed for by the English patient Almasy. Hana the nurse also mourns her dead father whom she loved dearly. Other forms of love such as those between Hana and Kip who got into a love affair with comfort and the English patient who was loved y Hana in a pitying and salvation style. The writer also goes to great lengths to describe the bodies of the characters in his work, which helps the reader to understand them more. The English Patient in his much burnt out condition is a contrast to the daring and seasoned traveler that he was in his past. The description of his body helps the reader to appreciate the depth of sacrifice. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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