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Pressure Ulcers: Home Based Nursing - Research Paper Example

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The study on home based ulcer care aimed at exposing the concepts underlying the unique nature of pressure ulcers in the home setting. As such, the study was to prove the uniqueness of pressure ulcers to patients who received care at home and provide knowledge for effective nursing for clients suffering from pressure ulcers…
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Pressure Ulcers: Home Based Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages This paper approves that ulcer at home facilitates improved care by suiting the needs of the patient and providing outcomes that focus on the needs and interests of the patient. As a result, patients living at home with pressure ulcers receive appropriate care, as there are opportunities to assess and intervene for the wellbeing of the patient.
This report makes a conclusion that the issue of lack of professionalism came up especially with caregivers ignoring the interests of the patients. This is by not paying attention to that which makes the patient visit the caregiver, but rather focusing on the completion of the cases. As such, it is wrong of the caregiver to ignore the patient’s needs and interest by feigning ignorance, especially in multidisciplinary cases. As for the nurses, patients need to place their trust upon them, which makes it crucial for the nurses to take charge of the situation and make the patients comfortable. This is in addition to the patient feeling that he or she is safe, and that are dedicated to offering the best care, rather than working to complete the job. In addition, there is the issue of exclusion based on the language barrier and expense of translation, which may be well founded but wrong all the same. This is because it excludes a crucial part of the population, which might create room for bias in the study, which makes the exclusion unethical.
The research impacts nursing in that by studying the result of the study one can easily come up with recommendations. This is such that which degrades the quality of life of the patients especially with the pain they go through in the early stages of the sores they have. As such, nurses that visit them at home dress the wounds to may not be able to help overcome the pain as the study indicates; thus the need to come up with new means of improving the quality of life and alleviating the pain patient’s experience. In addition, it might create a more comfortable experience for patients especial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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