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Tradition is a leading theme in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery.” Jackson writes characters as individuals who adhere to tradition irrespective of its repercussions on their lives. “The Lottery” is a narrative about a yearly tradition by residents of a small, unknown…
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Download file to see previous pages In this case, Jackson questions this tradition implicitly by stating that the villagers are not very conscious about the actual lottery but still continue to conserve its tradition (Jackson 7). The writer reveals how rationalizing such a primal tradition makes it difficult to view any rituals involved as anything but hypocritical. As a result, only readers can see the madness of this tradition by the villagers.
The theme of tradition is very applicable today. Much emphasis and emotional value is placed on yearly celebrations such as Christmas and New Year’s Day. On top of these emphases, consumerism marks both traditions and impairs any rational judgment required to rethink their rue values to society. Christmas today cannot be celebrated without overindulging in shopping behavior and bodily consumption to the extent that shoppers get violent when products sell out in stores. I think society’s blind adoption of excessive consumption during Christmas as a tradition allows it cover its ears to any logic and has ultimately become part of its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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THE LOTTERY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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...The Lottery The Lottery is a short story by Shirley Jackson which was written in 1948. A lottery is a game of chance. For most people, the result of a lottery is something that you look forward to. The result of a lottery is something which brings joy to the person who wins it. In this short story, the title alone is a play in irony. We expect that the winner of the lottery is the “lucky one”. However, the ending of the story reveals the opposite. Jackson is very effective in putting her readers in suspense. What seems to be a pleasant story turns out to have a very grim ending. The purpose of the lottery is not...
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...?The Lottery “The Lottery”, by Shirley Jackson, is a chilling town of small-town conformity. Written in 1948 and published in the New Yorker, the short story has caused controversy but is widely considered to be an important example of American Literature. Considering its importance, it is perhaps surprising that there have been several other adaptations of the story in other media, including a 1996 made-for-TV movie similarly titled The Lottery. The purpose of this paper is to explore “The Lottery” and The Lottery, and analysing which medium is more effective in portraying the nature of the tale. It will also cover the differences and similarities...
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...Introduction “The Lottery” is the story of a town that holds an important lottery every June 7th. A date that is very special to the people in the town because it coincides with their crop season and unless the lottery ritual happens every year, the townsfolk feared that they would have a very bad crop season for the year. That is the main reason why the lottery happens every year although not everyone truly looks forward to it. This research paper takes a critical look at this story to establish how the writer uses imagery and other devices to communicate the central theme of the danger of blindly following customs. These exposes underlying backwardness and hypocrisy...
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...?Full An Analysis of The Lottery Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” is a short story that has received so many acclaims for the genius of how it has been well-written. On the other hand it also received many criticisms because of the brutality of the images presented in the narration. Nevertheless this short story is said to speak about important matters in society through a very simplistic manner. It tells the story of a small town where only a few villagers lived. Interestingly, it is filled with a strange tradition to share. The villagers were to have a lottery that day with families represented by the fathers. They are to pick a paper from the black box and whoever picks the black marked...
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The Lottery

...Client The End of the Black Box It was twenty-five years since Tessie Hutchinson had been stoned to death by the town to ensure a good harvest. For twenty-five years there had been no cookies from mom, no bows in Nancy’s hair, and no one there to give them the nurturing that should have come from having a mom. As teenagers, Bill and Nancy had tried to shun the lottery, but had been pulled back into the tradition by the town, year after year watching their father pull the white slip of paper with blank stares, all the while plotting and planning. When Bill had married Janie and began his own trip up to the box to pull for his new family, he had stopped plotting with Nancy and now Davey who had become old enough to discuss...
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...HERE HERE YOUR HERE HERE Critical Analysis of “The Lottery” by Jackson Shirley “The Lottery” by Jackson Shirley depicts the attitudes commonly found in mid 20th Century towns, this being rather simple individuals that fit the age-old stereotypes associated with children, aggressive fathers, and gossiping women within the town. The author is attempting to set the stage in the early parts of the story, illustrating the nature of relationships between individuals in a small town environment. The purpose of the short story is to highlight the complexity of relationships in such a tight-knit town, using imagery as a tool to reinforce these relationships. There is a great deal of irony in this story,...
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... Assignment The Lottery Introduction “The Lottery” can be considered as a short story. Apparently, the plot and the events of the story may be astounding, but the writer Shirley Jackson puts forward a realistic view of human nature through the setting she constructs. Thesis Statement: Jackson puts focus on institutionalized cruelty through her short story “The Lottery”. Discussion Jackson attacks the hypocrisy of puritan view of certain opportunist elements in our society as she describes the horrible selection process for human sacrifice. Thus, Jackson (30) writes, “The Witchcraft of Salem Village came out in 1956, offering a simple history of witchcraft and a chronicle of the early puritan’s fear of the evil spirits.” The game... of...
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The Lottery

...The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Reading The Lottery by Shirley Jackson brings to my mind the recent Hollywood blockbuster movie The Hunger Games, only Ms. Jacksons novel is darker and more violent in nature than The Hunger Games, which could have very well been based on The Lottery. The theme of the story is all about tradition and being a blind follower of traditions. Traditions that people do long after the people who started it have passed on to the next life. People dont remember much about the “lottery” except that it happens every year on June 27, it has to be done or their crops will fail that year, and that everyone in the village must participate. I cant help...
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The Lottery

...Tracie Howell XX English The Lottery: Horrors of blindly following traditions ‘The Lottery’, written by Shirley Jackson was first published in 1948.It was distinct in its theme of inherent human brutality that could be witnessed in the contemporary society. As a piece of pure fiction, author’s imaginations defy common values and human sensibilities to encompass irrational violence in the name of traditions. The author shows how the simple things and meanings like lottery can be distorted in the name of tradition and make violence an intrinsic part of social structure, that otherwise thrives on peaceful living. In the annual ritual, the winner of the lottery becomes the victim for senseless and cold murder, approved by the society... to the...
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The lottery

...Essay on Literature Analysis Of The Lottery (1948) by Shirley Jackson Analysis of Plot of the Story: “The Lottery” is a very nice story of Shirley Jackson in which she portrayed a rural settlement of about three hundred people in which people are used to conduct a lottery each year. The story describes the whole lottery event. One of the main themes of the story is to show that this rural settlement does not treat men and women equally. The following two excerpts from the story are enough to support the claim that that society did not give equal rights to females like males, "Me. I guess," a woman said. And Mr. Summers turned to look at her. "Wife draws for her husband."...
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