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However, with a view of my position I’ve found it necessary to recall your attention to confusing working conditions which both qualified and new workers in my department have…
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The Persuasive Message
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The Persuasive Message: Memorandum s Anna Smith, Manager of Human Resources Director of External Relations Department
DATE: 17 March 2015
SUBJECT: Employees Reclassification Program, First Results
Mrs. Smith,
The first statistical results of Employees Reclassification Program will be attached to this e-mail. However, with a view of my position I’ve found it necessary to recall your attention to confusing working conditions which both qualified and new workers in my department have to experience due to the Reclassification Program.
Before the start of Employees Reclassification Program, there were twelve employees in my department, specifically hired on twelve unique work positions. Therefore, according to my recommendations, twelve separate workplaces were previously prepared and fully equipped for External Relations personnel on a second floor, room 207. During the Reclassification Program, six extra workers were transferred to my department from Public Relations department (two employees) and from Financial Monitoring department (four employees), and made work under six experienced workers. However, extra workplaces for employees on reclassification have never been specifically prepared and equipped due to their new positions. New workers of External Relations department have stayed on their previous workplaces in Public Relations department and Financial Monitoring department on a fourth floor, room 403 and 404 correspondently. Due to the nature of reclassification process, extra workers tend to experience problems and seek the advice of experienced personnel who they were made to work upon, and experienced workers often have to leave their workplaces and go on a fourth floor to consult new workers. Conversely, new workers have to go on a second floor to receive the qualified advice. Therefore, despite the encouraging first statistical results of the Reclassification Program, I’m forced to ask you to reconsider working conditions of External Relations department and consolidate both its qualified and new workers within a single floor and a single room.
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