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SED - Assignment Example

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In Toughs study, how did the children who use all the seven function of language differ those who only used language to self-maintain, direct and report? The parents provided opportunity for the children to use all seven function of language
26. What is the significance of…
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Extract of sample "SED"

SED English SED The ability to think about language as a tool of communicating is also known as meta-linguistic ability
2. Jargoning describes the production of “speech” that sounds like language but can’t be understood because not all of the production are actual words.
3. MLU is calculated by dividing the total number of mopherms by the total number of utterance.
4. Infant-direct speech is also referred as Motherese
5. In a figurative language the form and the content of a message do not match. (For example, someone makes a statement when they are really asking a question)
6. Some of the skills associated with phonological awareness include the ability to break words into syllables in words and to identify rhymes and alliterations.
7. Children use phonics skills to decode print as part of the reading process.
8. Pragmatic refers to use of language.
School age
10 13
9. Children experimenting with sound in the form of cooing and babbling
10. Children began to initiate conversation
11. Children develop phonological awareness skills and then transfer them to print when they use phonic to help them read
12. Children might say “Otay” instead of “Ok” because they haven’t learned how to produce the /K/ sound yet.
13. Children demonstrate conversational skill such as eye contact and specifying a topic without the use of words.
14. Children understand multiple meaning of words as well as figurative language
15. Children might tell a joke that follows the correct pattern but really isn’t funny because they do not yet understand the figurative speech
16. Children demonstrate the ability to communicate in a variety of complex social situations
17. Children develop receptive but not expressive vocabulary
18. Which of the following is not the adult strategies outlined by Tough that is used to help children develop their conversational skills closing
19. According to Tough, children who use their reporting function of language use language to describe cause and effects
20. In Toughs study, how did the children who use all the seven function of language differ those who only used language to self-maintain, direct and report? The parents provided opportunity for the children to use all seven function of language
21. A child who mostly produces simple sentence would be in which of Browns stage of language development Stage 4 (Short sentence stage).
22. The following statement by a child would indicate which of Brown’s stages of language development. “When daddy gets home from work, he will help me get the ball off the roof” Stage 4
23. The preschool stage of development starts at when children have an expressive vocabulary of 25 words
24. Which of the following was not one of myth described in the “Magic of Words” article Children need repeated exposure to gain vocabulary
25. The Simple View Of Reading states that R = C x D
R stands for reading
C stand for comprehension through understanding
D stands for decoding through recognition
26. What is the significance of the multiplication sign (x) in this equation? (In other words, briefly explain what happens if a child has no skill in either C or D. Decoding helps an individual to build efficiency and fluency and improve comprehension that will help an individual understand the meaning of what he is reading.
27. Thinking about what you read in the article "breaking down words to build meaning" explain what it means to include "morphology" as part of the vocabulary and reading instruction in the elementary school. Morphology is important in the elementary school since it will enable children to identify the forms or structure of words, syllables units of words making it easy for the children to easily learn to read and distinguish words.
28. What does MLU stand for? Mean length of utterance
Why does Roger Brown think it is a better way to determine stages of language development than the age of a child? This is because unlike the age of a child, Roger Brown’s model of using MLU presents stages that normal expressive language usually follow and hence, single stage language development of the child can be gauged. Read More
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