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The conversation that I’ve recently took part in happened between me and my close friend and was engaged with discussion around a work of art in a museum. The communicative situation gave me an opportunity to observe different aspects of the speech act and my interlocutor’s…
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Download file to see previous pages At the very beginning of the conversation he felt free expressing his emotions, but as more we were talking as more his gestures were becoming abrupt, so he was gesturing more when he was trying to prove something and he was standing crossing his hands on the chest while listening to my retorts. It was very obvious when Mike disagreed with me, because he put his right forefinger on his mouth like he was trying to close his lips with something in order not to say anything when he disagreed with me. Furthermore, in the moments when our conversation turned into a hot discussion, he uncrossed his legs and stood up in a straight posture, bending his chest towards me like if he wanted to fight with me. As for Mike’s facial expressions they were multiple and depended on the course of our conversation. When we got into discussion, Mike’s facial expressions demonstrated aggression, for instance, he frown his knit brows and screwed up his lips. However when we agreed with each other’s points he usually smiled and his pupils became bigger.
As far as our conversation mostly consisted of discussions and arguments the general tone and cadence of the verbal part of it were intensive and mostly were conducted on raised voice. When we just started the conversation our tones were soft and our voices were of the same volume. Notwithstanding that our discussion started unexpectedly, we had been raising our tones since the very moment our disagreement appeared. Thus our voices had been rising for some period of time, until we started almost yelling at each other, but then we had to lower our voices into whispering, because it was prohibited to turn on caps lock voice in the museum. Still even when we had to whisper, we used voice inflections in order to emphasize on the specific points, which each of us tried to make the other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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