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Technology Inquiry: Facebook - Research Paper Example

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Mark had great interest in computer programming and prior to the establishment of Facebook, he had been involved in the development of social-networking websites…
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Technology Inquiry: Facebook
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Download file to see previous pages It is recorded that The facebook had 1,200 students who had signed up within the first 24 hours of its inception. Within a period of one month, more than a half of the student population had already signed up for the emerging social media platform.
The social network was then extended to other universities that are located within Boston and later to the rest of the universities located in the United States. In August of the year 2005, the name was changed to after the purchase of the address at a cost of $ 200,000. By September of the same year, the platform was made open to high school students in the nation after which the expansion to the rest of the world could not be avoided (Marshall & Meloche, 46-67). By September 2006, Facebook was not just for students in high school and colleges but it had extended to any other person provided that they had a valid email address. The main source of income for the company has been advertisements and it has attracted millions of people owing to the fact that it allows free sign-ups.
Facebook registered 100,000 business pages by the year 2007 thus opening a new wave of online advertising. The companies registered as group pages but later the system was upgraded to allow company pages that promoted the profiles of various companies in the United States and other parts of the world (BottleTree Books LLC, 276). The company engaged in mass recruitment of employees by targeting some of their customers who demonstrated skills in ability to solve computational problems. As a result the company was able to increase its employee base hence being fully entrenched in international operations. As of the year 2011, Facebook emerged as the largest online photo host which was estimated to be about 100 billion by summer 2011. Increased use of Facebook has been witnessed through mobile phone devices that has seen increased number of registrations.
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