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The online world - Essay Example

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People are using devices that impact the way they interact, work and live. Thanks to iPhones and other devices, social networking has become a…
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The online world
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Download file to see previous pages In the following discussion, the focus is on enhancement of our personal and social lives by the online world.
Social networking, cloud-based computing, and mobile technologies are transforming how people learn, work, and play. Digital technology has evolved quickly from personal computers and networks to participatory social, academic, and political Web 2.0 environments with a new vocabulary and new temporal and special interactions. Web 2.0 applications safari, Geocaching, Flickr, Google, Blogger, GarageBand, YouTube, iMovies, Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, and iPad are part of the new user-centric information infrastructure that emphasizes creative participation over presentation; encourages focused conversation and short briefs written in less technical, public vernacular; and facilitates innovative explorations, experimentations, and purposeful tinkering that often forms the basis of situated understanding that emerges from action.
In the current world, the online world has replaced the actual lives, thanks to the introduction of new devices and a new lifestyle. The strategy involves using iPads instead of clipboards and switching manual activities to technological ones. Additionally, the online world involves putting information on an online device as opposed to delivering it manually. This substitution has come as a benefit in the business world due to upgrade of performance. Arguably, companies across the globe have embraced the online world and operations have improved. Doing business is now easy, thanks to introduction of e-Commerce, which has made it possible to move to Smartphones from the PC and wallets have been replaced with e-Payments for example PayPal and Payoneer online money transfer which is done in the social media (Kadushin 67).
Substituting everything to technology is easy to understand because physical stores have been replaced with e-Store for instance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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